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Lemo Hybrid Fibre Optic Camera Cable Repair Process.

  1. Cables for repair should be sent to Bryant with a purchase order for inspection charge "LF INSPECT", one per end.
  2. Upon arrival at Bryant, the cable to be repaired will be subject to a visual and physical inspection to check for mechanical damage to the connectors or cable. This may involve re-reeling longer cables onto wooden reels (if cable has arrived in loose "Eights"). A confirmation of receipt will be issued to the client detailing the serial number(s) length(s) and reel type (if applicable) together with our standard charges for the inspection as (1) above.
  3. Optical and electrical tests, using our OTDR and TDR will be performed and a test results sheet created. From this information, our engineers will recommend a course of action to make good the cable including an indication of any parts that will be required.
  4. Our sales team will provide the client with a copy of the test report and an estimate of the costs of repair. NB. Where a cable has a fault several metres from one end, it may be advisable to cut it into more serviceable lengths in order to create two or more complete assemblies. If this is the case, the client will be advised of the various options in advance of any work being carried out. Our charges for various types of repair are:
      Quantity price breaks
    Part No. Description 1 10 25
    LF INSPECT Inspect and report as above (per end) £18.42 £18.42 £18.42
    LF POLISH Re polishing of Lemo 3K 93C ferrules £39.66 £36.51 £33.82
    LF FUWREP Repair of FUW/FMW end using repair kit £150.76 £138.79 £128.59
    LF PUWREP Repair of PUW/PEW end using repair kit £144.53 £133.06 £123.28
    LF FUWTERM Supply and termination of new FUW (cable male) £246.62 £227.05 £210.35
    LF PUWTERM Supply and termination of new PUW (cable female) £225.53 £207.63 £192.37
    LF FMWTERM Supply and termination of new FMW (panel male) £276.21 £254.29 £235.59
    LF PEWTERM Supply and termination of new PUW (panel female) £241.62 £222.44 £206.09

  5. Replacement boots, dust caps, gaiters and coloured marking rings are not included in the prices above and will be added to the quotation as required. Prices for these items are listed below:
      Quantity price breaks
    Part No. Description 1 10 25
    LF 105 Replacement black boot for cable plug (including cap) £32.48 £29.90 £27.71
    LF 106 Replacement black boot for cable socket (including cap) £32.48 £29.90 £27.71
    LF 107 Replacment cap only for cable plug £25.86 £23.81 £22.06
    LF 108 Replacement cap only for cable socket £25.86 £23.81 £22.06
    LF 115 Replacement green marking ring £0.76 £0.70 £0.65
    LF 116 Replacement red marking ring £0.76 £0.70 £0.65
    LF 117 Replacement green gaiter £2.03 £1.87 £1.74
    LF 118 Replacement red gaiter £2.03 £1.87 £1.74
    LF 205 Replacement cap only for panel plug £25.86 £23.81 £22.06
    LF 206 Replacement cap only for panel socket £25.86 £23.81 £22.06

  6. A Bryant serial number will be allocated to the cable(s) in addition to those of the client and a record kept on our server both for future reference and to allow the cross referencing of Bryant's database to the client's asset register. Bryant serial number labels will also be affixed to each repaired end.
  7. Subject to the client agreeing the costs of repair and providing a purchase order, the work will be carried out and an invoice raised in the usual manner.
  8. If a repair has been undertaken, new loose clear heat shrink will be provided for client labels.
  9. It is possible that during the dismantling of a connector for an LF POLISH, the fibres may break. If this is the case then we will re-quote the client for the relevant repair costs as necessary.
  10. In the unlikely event of a repaired cable failing due to manufacturing faults, we offer a twelve month (back to base) guarantee on all of our fibre repairs.


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