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Bryant's intelligent mains units awarded their degrees in waveform analysis!

 15th Sep 2009

SMS 112PThe updated SMI and CMI, now with power measurement and current signature analysis, offer integrated mains analysis normally only available with expensive, dedicated test equipment.

Over the past twelve years, Bryant has added a number of optional features to their basic sequential and changeover units. Until now, the top of the range was the versatile SMS single mains supply, or CMS dual supply with changeover, both allowing power outlets to be turned on or off according to a user set 'macro' program. With GPIs, timers and "GoTo" branching, users have been able to solve diverse mains power sequencing problems, for example to power up servers and RAID arrays over a number of minutes.

All Bryant intelligent mains units can detect outlet fuse failure, but the target has been a unit that can detect whether the correct load is present. A simple pass/fail of current or power draw displayed on an embedded web server will not highlight many power supply problems, so the latest Bryant intelligent MDU uses full analysis of voltage and outlet current to predict failing supplies or provide harmonic analysis, information increasingly useful in power intensive technical areas. Any problems can then be sent to a user or system administrator by email or SNMP trap.

WinPower Pro with Overlay

These new updated SMIs and CMIs do this by uploading each outlet's current waveform to Bryant's WinPower Pro software running on a local PC. This is then compared with the unit's known good waveform - signature - and can alert technical staff to failing power supplies while there is still time to respond.

Another feature is their ability to monitor the incoming voltage and watch for any disturbance, which is then logged for operator review, aiding the diagnoses of apparent random equipment failure.

WinPower Pro Dropout Detection Display

Broadcasters wanting to monitor voltage and current, live/neutral imbalance, power draw and factor etc., or those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills will find these units invaluable.

For more information, please contact Simon Quill, simon(at)


Sample screenshots

Saved 'in service' signature.

WinPower Pro Saved in service signature of Linear PSU

Faulty capacitor signature.

WinPower Pro faulty capacitor signature

Shorted diode signature.

WinPower Pro shorted diode signature



The Manufacturer.

Bryant Unlimitedis the leading UK producer of network installation equipment ranging from 19 inch computer and broadcast racking cabinets, custom rack trays, rack power units; fascias, boxes, OB vehicle metalwork and termination panels; audio/video and Cat 5e network jackfields, pre-wired audio jackfields, copper and fibre cables and associated connectors.

Bryant serves a wide customer base in the broadcast industry. Clients range from the BBC, Arqiva, and Sony through many major systems integrators, to independent wiremen and installers worldwide. Flexibility and responsiveness are the major factors that lead these customers repeatedly to Bryant.

Bryant's manufacturing division produces both rigid and flat pack 19 inch racks and accessories and is equipped with state-of-the-art auto machining centres for the production of enclosures for mains distribution units, pre-wired jackfields, etc.



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