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Bryant Sliding Rack Trays

The following table shows the list of VTR machines for which we currently manufacture Sliding Rack Trays.

As new machines appear they will be added to this list. However, if you have a requirement for a machine that is not listed, please contact our sales office.

Part No.   Machine Type Standard Ears
Machine manufacturer: Sony
RMT 01A   BVW 65 / 75 / DVW 500 5U
RMT 01B   BVW 7503 5U
RMT 01C   PVW 2600 / 2650 / 2800 5U
RMT 01D   VP 5030 6U
RMT 01E   VO 9800 / 9850 5U
RMT 01F   BVU 950 (Poss 800/820/850) 6U
RMT 01G   BVW 22 4U
RMT 01H   UVW 1400P / 1800P 4U
RMT 01J   VO 5630 / VO 5800 / 5850 5U
RMT 01K   DVR 18P / DVR 28P (D2) {2U base!} 8U
RMT 01L   BVW 40P 6U
RMT 01M   DVR 1000 / 2000 / 2100 (D1) {2U base!} 8U
RMT 01N   DMR 2000 (U-MATIC) 5U ‡
RMT 01P   PCM 7030 (DAT) NONE *
RMT 01R   LVA 8000P 5U
RMT 01T   PCM 1630  
RMT 01U   UVW 1700  
RMT 01W   EVO-9800P HI-8 3U
RMT 01Y   HDV 10 / HDL 5800  
Machine manufacturer: Ampex
RMT 02A   CVR 70 / CVR 75 (Use RMT 01A) 5U
Machine manufacturer: Panasonic
RMT 03A   AG 7750 4U
RMT 03B   AJ-D350E / AJ-D580E (D3)(D5) 6U
RMT 03C   AU 650 (M II) 6U
RMT 03D   AG 7700, AG8700 3U
RMT 03E   DVC PRO / AJ-D650 / 750E 4U
Machine manufacturer: JVC
RMT 04A   7030 E 8U
RMT 04B   BR 6400 3U
RMT 04C   BR-S611E / BR-6600E 4U
RMT 04D   BR-S522/525/622/822 4U
RMT 04E   BR-D50/51/80/85/350E 4U
RMT 06A Fostex   3U
RMT 06B Tascam DA 88 NONE *
RMT 06C Hybrid Sony BVW75 Panasonic AJ-D350E 6U
RMT 06D Apple PowerMac 7100 4U
*  Note that these trays require the machine to be fitted with it's own ears.
‡  Note that the sides of the machine have to be removed from this machine.
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