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The RapStrap Waste-Saving Releasable Cable Tie

The RapStrap Waste-Saving Releasable Cable Tie

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It's a waste-saving cable tie

If you've ever used traditional cable ties you'll know that the excess tail is often left sticking-out, or is cut off and discarded. In many cases, up to 80% of the product can be wasted like this. So RapStrap was developed as a more efficient alternative. Essentially it is a long chain of cells that can slide through each other forming loops at any point, which can then be pulled tight. If this system is used correctly, then the remaining portion can be cut off and used again & again. As a result, a single RapStrap can perform several ties; it just gets a little shorter with each use. This can dramatically reduce waste and save money.
This animation shows the basic principle. Note how the tie is looped through the rearmost cell each time it is applied.

It's removable and reusable

Alternatively, the same strap can be used as a single temporary tie: just rethread it back through the same hole. Then simply pull to undo when needed. Once fastened like this, a RapStrap can be removed in under a second!

It's far more versatile

RapStrap multiple loopsWith a RapStrap you can even perform complex jobs not possible with conventional ties: RapStrap's special design can weave through itself at any point and can form as many loops as needed.

Please note: These items were sold in packets of 96, but are in the process of changing to packets of 48. The prices shown below are for packets of 48. If you order 2 packets of 48, you may get 1 packet of 96 until the changeover is complete.
Description      Each:
Price Qty
RAP 1030BNRapStrap cable tie 10mm x 300mm Black pkt 48£4.23
RAP 1030NNRapStrap cable tie 10mm x 300mm Natural pkt 48£4.23
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