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LEN Analogue Video Isolation Transformer

LEN Analogue Video Isolation Transformer

The LEN Video Isolation Transformer acts as BOTH a Hum Eliminator AND a Ground Isolator for analogue video signals, whilst also improving on the performance of the traditional individual products.

The VIT01 will remove severe interference caused by 50 or 60 Hz hum, whilst a normal "Humbucker" will only remove moderate interference.

At the same time it acts as a Ground Isolator, eliminating ground potential differences between equipment, with minimal phase and gain distortion.

NOTE: See the Video Hum Eliminator (Humbucker) if you do not want to block DC signals.


  • Eliminate severe interference (Hum eliminator)
  • Balances ground potential (Ground Isolator)
  • Minimal differential phase or gain distortion
  • Transparent to PAL and NTSC video
  • DC Block - blocks DC signals
  • Small size (85 x 56 x 39 mm - 170 gm)


Technical Specifications
Impedance 75 Ohms
Ripple reduction 120dB
Breakdown voltage <500 volts <4kV
0.5dB bandwidth amplitude <8Hz to >5.5MHz
Enclosure ABS box, 85 x 56 x 39 mm (excluding mounting flanges)
Weight 170 gm
Connectors BNC female
Description      Each:
Price Qty
LEN-VIT01LEN analogue video isolation transformer£143.40
LEN-VIT02LEN analogue video isolation transformer, medical 4kV breakdown£286.70
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