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LEN Digital Video Ground Isolators

LEN Digital Video Ground Isolators

Traditional "Humbucker" and Isolation Transformer approaches to interference are not applicable to SDI signals. Mains hum is well below the SDI signal frequency spectrum and (unlike analogue video) the SDI signal is not sensitive to near-DC attenuation. However, the problems of signal distortion and operator shocks caused by a voltage difference between two pieces of equipment connected by a SDI signal feed still exist.

L E N ground isolators use broadband high-pass filters to provide complete galvanic isolation of DC currents between two pieces of equipment, whilst permitting the full bandwidth of the SDI signal to pass, thus avoiding problems of signal distortion and operator shocks caused by a voltage difference. This method out-performs broadband transformers for SDI signals. Both signal and ground paths between equipment are isolated, there is no distortion of the signal. They are also suitable for AES/MADI/ASI format.

Each is built in an ABS enclosure fitted with two female BNC connectors. Two M3 mounting screws are provided on the same face as the connectors, so that the filters can be mounted flat to a panel, with the connectors protruding through it.


45 x 30 x 15 (l x w x h) mm. Weight: 26g.

Optional accessories:

The LMPF01 rack frame is a 1U 19-inch panel, finished in black, punched to take eight filters mounted from the rear by means of the mounting screws, the BNC connectors facing out of the rack. If it is desired to have the connectors facing into the rack, the filters may be reversed, revealing the filter modules which will protrude 15mm from the surface of the panel.

Technical Specifications
Impedance 75 Ohms
Return loss Better than 20dB
Bandwidth (1) -0.25dB from 0.5MHz to 12.0GHz -0.25dB from 0.5MHz to 3.0GHz -0.25dB from 0.5MHz to 1485MHz
Breakdown Voltage Suffix 01: 100V
suffix 03: 4kV


  1. These are minimum values
Description      Each:
Price Qty
LEN-3GF01LEN 3G-SDI ground isolator£107.50
LEN-3GF03LEN 3G-SDI ground isolator, medical 4kV breakdown£344.00
LEN-HDF01LEN HD-SDI ground isolator£89.60
LEN-HDF03LEN HD-SDI ground isolator, medical 4kV breakdown£286.70
LEN-SDF01LEN SD-SDI ground isolator (available until stock exhausted)£66.67
LEN-AMF01LEN AES / MADI / ASI ground isolator£89.60
LEN-MPF011U rack panel to mount up to 8 ground isolators£54.10
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