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Neutrik X Series Audio XLR Panel Mount Connectors

Neutrik X Series Audio XLR Panel Mount Connectors

These are the next generation of the popular DL series with greater functionality. The all metal housing works in combination with a new duplex ground contact yielding the best RF protection and ground conductivity in a chassis mount XLR.

The male's plastic retention bar has been replaced with a metal version for more robust latching, whilst the three pin female features the new hyperbolic cage contacts for increased conductivity.

Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
NC3FDLXFemale 3 pin panel Nickel£3.40£3.06£2.90£2.39
NC3FDLXBFemale 3 pin panel Black gold pins£4.16£3.74£3.55£2.91
NC3FDLXBAGFemale 3 pin panel Black silver pins£3.53£3.18£3.01£2.47
NC3FDLXM3Female 3 pin panel Nickel tapped M3£3.53£3.18£3.01£2.47
NC3MDLXMale 3 pin panel Nickel£3.11£2.80£2.65£2.17
NC3MDLXBMale 3 pin panel Black gold pins£3.58£3.22£3.05£2.51
NC3MDLXBAGMale 3 pin panel Black silver pins£3.36£3.02£2.85£2.36
NC3MDLXM3Male 3 pin panel Nickel tapped M3£3.24£2.92£2.77£2.27
NC4FDLXFemale 4 pin panel Nickel£4.93£4.44£4.18£3.46
NC4FDLXBFemale 4 pin panel Black£5.85£5.27£4.96£4.10
NC4MDLXMale 4 pin panel Nickel£4.00£3.60£3.38£2.80
NC4MDLXBMale 4 pin panel Black£4.62£4.16£3.94£3.24
NC5FDLXFemale 5 pin panel Nickel£7.59£6.83£6.44£5.32
NC5FDLXBFemale 5 pin panel Black£9.33£8.40£7.93£6.53
NC5MDLXMale 5 pin panel Nickel£5.93£5.34£5.03£4.15
NC5MDLXBMale 5 pin panel Black£6.56£5.90£5.56£4.58
NC6FDLXFemale 6 pin panel Nickel£10.70£9.63£9.10£7.50
NC6FDLXBFemale 6 pin panel Black£13.06£11.75£11.11£9.15
NC6MDLXMale 6 pin panel Nickel£8.58£7.72£7.28£6.00
NC6MDLXBMale 6 pin panel Black£9.19£8.27£7.80£6.42
NC7FDLXFemale 7 pin panel Nickel£13.00£11.70£11.04£9.10
NC7FDLXBFemale 7 pin panel Black£15.50£13.95£13.17£10.88
NC7MDLXMale 7 pin panel Nickel£10.77£9.69£9.16£7.55
NC7MDLXBMale 7 pin panel Black£12.80£11.52£10.90£8.96
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