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Networking Products ­ Copper

Digital technology is accelerating the convergence of broadcast and computer systems, such that 100 Ohm UTP and FTP cables are being adopted not only for data, but also for control, audio and video transmissions.

Since 1995, International, European and US standards have existed for 100 MHz, Category 5 copper cabling systems.

In November 1999 an improved version of TIA/EIA Cat5, known as ‘Enhanced Category 5’ or ‘Cat5e’ was specified to 100 MHz (although quite often tested to 350 MHz), reflecting tougher Near End Cross Talk (NEXT), Far End Cross Talk (FEXT) and Return Loss requirements and the introduction of Power-Sum NEXT (PS-NEXT) measurement to support Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T. Cat. 5 and 5e now account for about 75% of UK applications. (1000Base-T employs bi-directional, 4 pair transmission, utilising Digital Signal Processing electronics to cancel signal echo and NEXT. Return Loss determines the extent of signal echo in each channel. FEXT is increasingly significant due to NEXT cancellation and a power-sum limit must be imposed to combat noise coupled from 3 pairs into every other pair.)

As well as CAT5e, including a ‘Ruggedised’ OB version, we also stock basic lines of CAT6.

Our range of cost-effective cables, modular outlets and patch panels. 110 type IDC terminations and RJ45 modular connectors, provide the broadcast user with a mix and match capability to other communication channels using XLR, BNC, MUSA, etc. interconnects and complement our existing ranges of RS 422 and Ethernet products.

Networking Products ­ Optical Fibre

Bryant Unlimited is the UK’s leading manufacturer of optical fibre interconnects for audio and High Definition video broadcast plus Network and high-end A/V applications.

Building on a solid history of manufacturing both multi conductor and triax type camera cables, Bryant Unlimited has invested heavily in the equipment and expertise necessary to assist engineers in using fibre to transport HD, 3Gb/s and Gigabit Ethernet over fibre optic media.

We have an extensive range of OM3 fibre optic cable and OM3 connectivity products which includes OM3 loose tube or OM3 indoor/outdoor tight buffered fibre cable as well as a range of OM3 fibre optic patch leads and OM3 pigtails. These OM3 50/125 micron distribution cables are suitable for both internal and protected, external applications, such as - horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, campus cabling, offices and CMRs, outdoor ducts, trays or trunking. They are designed to offer flexibility, strength and a compact construction. Available with up to 24 fibres, the cables are a non-metallic construction utilising colour coded fibres or fibre sub units, reinforced with Aramid yarns or e-glass strength members and over sheathed with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) easy strip material. Other fibre sizes like 62.5/125 multimode, as well as ruggedised, water resistant, rodent protected and steel wire or tape armoured versions are available to order.

The fibres can be terminated with normal ceramic, Tyco LightCrimp or Belden FibreExpress Brilliance connectors, or by splicing (both fusion and mechanical) of a pigtail.

We also offer a range of OM3 fibre optic patch leads and pigtails with various connectors like SC, ST, FC, LC, MTRJ, etc.

Optical multimode 3 (OM3) fibre supports extended gigabit drive distances (850 nm Laser-Optimized 50 micron Multimode Fibre for 10 Gb/s application), pushing the evolution and extension of enterprise networks. By allowing companies more flexibility in Gigabit Ethernet systems, such fibre solutions are paving the way for 10G Ethernet and fibre-to-the-desktop (FTTD) solutions.

The OM3 fibre cable has been developed according to the newest 10Gbit standards and allows the data transmission over a distance up to max 300 m at 850 nm. Due to its excellent optical characteristics, other than the conventional 600/1200 nm fibres, the OM3 fibre optic cable is applicable for backbone connections based on a cost-efficient multi-mode technology up to 10Gbit.

With an increasing range of optical cable assemblies, break-out cables, hybrid fibre break-out/patching panels, wall boxes, cable pullers and components, special fibre handling cable reels, etc. Bryant Unlimited aim to provide the complete optical interconnect solution.

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