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Fibre Optic Termination and Repair

 14th Dec 2005

Bryant Unlimited introduce a fibre optic termination and repair service.

Polishing Lemo 3K series SMPTE 311 cablesUsing the very latest in polishing and testing technologies, Bryant Unlimited now manufactures and stocks a complete line of hybrid optical fibre camera cables to the SMPTE 311M specification incorporating LEMO and other manufacturer's SMPTE 304M connectors.

No other medium can cost-effectively challenge fibre optics for bandwidth, unrepeated transmission distance and noise immunity in SD or HDTV camera systems; and as for bulk, an SMPTE fibre cable can be half the weight of a comparable (and much stiffer) triax camera cable. Given the nature of the uncertain environments which camera cable "hire stock" is put to, it's small wonder that demand has been increasing for a professional and reliable source of optical camera cable repairs.

Now, as a result of recent extensive investment in optical fibre production kit and exhaustive training, coupled with a 20 year track record manufacturing and repairing triax and CCZA type camera cables for such clients as Sony and the BBC ~ Bryant technicians are equipped to terminate and repair optical cables using all the major connector types including LEMO, Fischer and Stratos ~ in house, far faster than the original equipment manufacturer!

Bryant also manufactures lightweight 'tactical' fibre optic cable assemblies as deployed and retrieved in both military and broadcast environments. These units are resistant to crushing by tanks or Outside Broadcast vehicles (some OB companies ask ~ what's the difference?) contact with most chemicals, continued deployment over rough terrain and multiple powered and/or manual reeling. These can be supplied on preterminated and tested standard reel lengths 100m, 250m, 500m, etc. terminated with "expanded beam" hermaphroditic connectors that can be "daisy chained" together to achieve any transmission length.

Loading polishing head with SC ferrulesThese tight-buffered tactical cables are reinforced with aramide protection/strength members and a polyurethane outer sheath. Both distribution and breakout cables are available with either single or multimode fibres.

Bryant also terminate ST, SC, LC, etc. and carry stocks to build cables that can "interface" between camera or central control unit mounted SMPTE connectors like LEMO and Fischer and the 'throw down' and forget Stratos, FibreCo and Amphenol tactical expanded beam types.

Bryant metal working department can manufacture a range of fibre optic patching and interface products including break-out boxes, patching trays, patch panels, splice boxes, etc. for use with their floor standing and wall mounting 19 inch racks and enclosures.

Everything for broadcasting audio or professional video via fibre available from a single UK source ~ the demand is satisfied!

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