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Micro BNC Cable Crimp Plug and Tooling

UBC 1855E crimp plug UBC ACT insertion removal tool UBC ACT closeup

The Micro BNC connector is available for four sizes of digital video cable, Bryant BD SD01, BD SD50A, BD SD11 series and their equivalents and Belden 179DT, enabling a speedy connection and an extremely high packing density on equipment rear panels (2-3 times more than conventional BNC's) such as Harris video routers.

Manufactured for Bryant Unlimited by Coax Connectors Limited, these Micro BNCs are fully compatible with the Amphenol / Samtec HD-BNC connector.

HD-SDI is supported up to '12G' Ultra HD 8K.

For crimp die sizes, please see the data sheets listed to the left under 'See Also...'

Insertion/extraction tools (apple corers) are also available.

Please Note: For people with big fingers, we can make up transition cables from Micro BNC to standard BNC.

Cross Reference Table
COAX part number Bryant part number Cable type
67-005-B66-AB UBC 179DT Belden 179DT, RG179, RG187
67-005-B66-FA UBC 1855E BD SD01, 1855ENH, 1855A, Draka 0.6/2.8 AF
67-005-B66-FB UBC 1505A BD SD50A, 1505A, Draka 0.8/3.7AF
67-005-B66-FE UBC 1505F BD SD50F, 1505F
67-005-B66-FC UBC 1694A BD SD11, 1694ANH, 1694FPV, Draka 1.0/4.8 AF
Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
UBC 1855EMicro BNC crimp plug for 1855ENH and equivalent cable£4.63£4.19£3.83£3.52
UBC 1505AMicro BNC crimp plug for 1505A and equivalent cable£4.83£4.38£4.00£3.68
UBC 1505FMicro BNC crimp plug for 1505FPV and equivalent cable£3.94£3.57£3.26£3.00
UBC 1694AMicro BNC crimp plug for 1694ANH and equivalent cable£5.08£4.60£4.21£3.87
UBC 179DTMicro BNC crimp plug for 179DT cable£4.63£4.19£3.83£3.52
UBC ACTMicro BNC Insertion/Extraction tool for UBC 1855E£91.38-  -  -  
UBC ACT2Micro BNC Insertion/Extraction tool for UBC 1694A£0.00-  -  -  
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