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Tasker HIGH SPEED HDMI cables

Tasker HIGH SPEED HDMI cables

TSK 1060H

Tasker TSK 1060 HIGH SPEED HDMI cable supports twice the transmission frequency of other HDMI formats; a maximum bandwidth of 340 MHz, equivalent to a maximum data rate of 10.2 Gbps.

The cable allows:

  • High level of chromatic transmission from 24 to 48 bits
  • Shade definition and colour depth beyond the perception of the human eye
  • Video resolution up to 1920 x 1080p - 120Hz.

This high speed cable can also be used on higher resolution displays such as WQXGA screens with cinema resolution (2560 x 1440p).

Even digital audio benefits from increased transmission speed, solving timing related problems such as lip-sync errors, whilst also supporting the new audio channel formats: Dolby Digital & DTS (compressed) and Dolby HD & DTS HD-Master Audio (uncompressed).

Technical Specification
  TSK 1060    
Screened twisted pair 4    
Unscreened twisted pair 1    
Signal conductors 5    
Overall inner screen Metallised polyester film (100%)    
Overall outer screen OFC Tinned copper braid (80%)    
Overall jacket PVC Flame Retardant low toxic    
Overall diameter 9.6mm    
Approximate weight 14.0 Kg/100m    
  Screened Twisted Pair Unscreened Twisted Pair Signal Conductors
Conductor 7/0.2mm OFC TCW (0.22mm²) 7/0.2mm OFC TCW (0.22mm²) 7/0.2mm OFC TCW (0.22mm²)
Insulation Foam polyethylene High density polyethylene Polyphenylene
Drain wire 7/0.2mm OFC TCW (0.22mm²) ¯ ¯
Screen Aluminium mylar tape ¯ ¯
Coverage 100% ¯ ¯
Core jacket Colour coded PVC Colour coded PVC Colour coded PVC
Core diameter 1.55mm 1.30mm 1.30mm
Resistance 93 Ohm/Km 93 Ohm/Km 93 Ohm/Km
Impedance 100 Ohm ¯ ¯
Description      Each:
10 100Qty
TSK 1060HTasker 1060 high speed HDMI cable£4.21£3.91
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