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Outside Broadcast Triaxial Camera Cable 75 Ohm

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Outside Broadcast Triaxial Camera Cable 75 OhmThese cables are manufactured for use with triaxial cameras. Their rugged construction makes them suitable for outside broadcast and other inhospitable environments and they are offered in three sizes. The 11.20mm cable is available with two different jacket materials, each with their own particular characteristics but both are electrically equivalent to PSF 1/9M and NEK 63990.
Technical Specifications
 TR 765ATR 755ATR 745A
Inner conductor1/1.00mm Silver plated1/1.40mm Silver plated7/0.75mm Silver plated
DielectricFoamed polyethyleneFoamed polyethyleneFoamed polyethylene
Outer conductor5.10mm O/D Silver plated6.90mm O/D Silver plated10.10mm O/D Silver plated
Screen7.00mm O/D copper braid9.10mm O/D copper braid12.40mm O/D copper braid
JacketRed PVCRed PVCRed PVC
Outside diameter8.50mm11.20mm14.40mm
Impedance75 Ohm75 Ohm75 Ohm
Capacitance54 pF per metre54 pF per metre54 pF per metre
DC resistance inner conductor25 Ohm/Km12 Ohm/Km6 Ohm/Km
Attenuation:@1.0 MHz0.71 dB/100m0.45 dB/100m0.37 dB/100m
 @10.0 MHz2.60 dB/100m1.70 dB/100m1.20 dB/100m
 @20.0 MHz3.80 dB/100m2.50 dB/100m1.70 dB/100m
 @50.0 MHz6.30 dB/100m4.15 dB/100m2.70 dB/100m
Weight53 Kg per 500M105 Kg per 500M134 Kg per 500M
Maximum reel lengths600 metres600 metres400 metres
Description      Each:
10 500 1000 5000Qty
TR 745A14.4mm triaxial camera cable 75 ohm red PVC£6.34£5.77£5.29£4.88
TR 755A11.2mm triaxial camera cable 75 ohm red PVC£4.06£3.69£3.38£2.90
TR 765A8.5mm triaxial camera cable 75 ohm red PVC£2.53£2.30£2.11£1.94
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