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Lemo 4M Series Triaxial Cable Connectors

Lemo 4M Series Triaxial Cable Connectors

These 4M series Lemo connectors are configured to BBC orientation in that they have 50 Ohm centre contacts, plug connectors have socket contacts (we call a PLUG) and socket connectors have pin contacts (we call a SOCKET).

75 Ohm 4E series connectors are also available, see other items in this category.

We offer this range of connectors and accessories for use with our range of triaxial cables and are available with the appropriate sleeves and gaiters.

Description      Each:
1 10Qty
TR 101Lemo FGG 11.2mm cable plug£97.49£90.32
TR 102Lemo PHG 11.2mm cable socket£83.93£77.76
TR 105Lemo 11.2mm sleeve plug - yellow£3.25£3.01
TR 106Lemo 11.2mm sleeve skt - red£3.25£3.01
TR 109Lemo FGG 8.5mm cable plug£97.49£90.32
TR 110Lemo PHG 8.5mm cable socket£83.93£77.76
TR 113Lemo 8.5mm sleeve plug - yellow£3.25£3.01
TR 114Lemo 8.5mm sleeve skt - red£3.25£3.01
TR 141Lemo FGG 14.0mm cable plug£97.49£90.32
TR 142Lemo PHG 14.0mm cable socket£83.93£77.76
TR 145Lemo 14.0mm sleeve plug - yellow£3.25£3.01
TR 146Lemo 14.0mm sleeve socket - red£3.25£3.01
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