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Murrapro Test Chest 3G

Test Chest 3G TC3G signal generator menu TC3G with Audio Pod TC3G embedded audio meters TC3G standards display TC3G TDR 180M cable with fault at 38M TC3G Eye-Pod accessory TC3G with Eye-Pod TC3G eye pattern display TC3G torch

Test Chest 3G generates a wealth of Industry standard video signals, each with 10 bit precision, in 3G-HD, HD or SD. A continuously moving puck may be added to any of the test signals generated, to catch those downstream MPEG motion artefacts and Synchroniser freezes. A local user-programmed alpha-numeric ident may be overlaid too, providing source identification that is easily field modified, for those 'down the line' applications. On 50i & 60i SD standards, a high quality 625 or 525 composite video output is available simultaneously too.

The unique Which-Wire? detector now embraces operation to 3G, with the portable Test Chest automatically awakening from slumber whenever video is applied to it's single input BNC, displaying both a faithful video image, from any TV format on the high resolution LCD screen, with a banner strip declaring the detected standard. Audio is powerfully supported as well and the stereo speakers burst into action when embedded audio is detected.

Test Chest 3G is ultra-fast too, using new-generation configurable logic, rather than the much slower process of configuration via an on-board computer, it can be producing your pictures and test signals or performing measurements for you on any standard, 3G; HD; SD or CVBS, in about 1 second, from 'cold'.

Test Chest 3G is configured via an intuitive touch-screen menu. With virtually instant selection of the required mode by a light 'tap' of a finger tip, the menu changes to provide you with the next field of contextsensitive options. No unlabelled 'configurable hot-keys', just incredibly fast, intuitive configuration and operation.

Catering too for your other immediate day-to-day operational requirements, Test Chest 3G furnishes simultaneous AES and analogue stereo on XLR ports, which are accessed via the versatile AUDIO-POD interface, which mates with the audio D25 I/O on the side of the main unit and snaps tightly home for complete security. Scope display of audio envelopes and stereo audio level measurement is standard on the Test Chest 3G, in both the digital and balanced analogue domain. Precision numeric readout in dBFS or dBU is offered, with a faster acting PPM bar graph for 'real time' measurement. PHASE errors on stereo signals are signalled with a flashing alarm banner. Test Chest accepts 75 ohm AES input directly, and generates a balanced AES output. The POD also contains a very handy 75:110 ohm matching transformer, covering every possible eventuality!

The 800 x 480 pixel high resolution LCD monitor has automatic processing which ensures that 1920, 1280, 720 or 702 pixel 16:9 sources are correctly displayed, scaled to fit the bright 5 inch screen. There is also a menu setting to correctly scale 4:3 images when required, which is the only non-automatic display mode. The 29 pin DVI port provides simultaneous digital & analogue outputs, enabling use of virtually any external display. Faults on coaxial cables up to 400M are speedily resolved using the integral TDR 30nS pulse and display, which enables open/short circuits & iterative impedance problems to be instantly identified and located. Just think, no more re-terminating, what turns out to be, the wrong end of a cable, 'just in case'.

The EYE~POD module is designed to interface with all* existing Murraypro Test Chest 3Gs, to  effortlessly extend the main Unit’s monitoring capability to include SDI envelope and Jitter parameters from SD through to 3G. In use, the EYE~POD accessory simply slots on to the Audio-Pod’s existing mounting plate (temporarily replacing the Audio-Pod) and the coupled assembly is mated with the TC3G’s D-25, and finally secured with the toggle-latch; the whole process taking only a few seconds, and is completed without the need for any tools!

Using the TC3G’s high resolution LCD with it’s touch-screen control, Users receive immediate visual indication of the quality of an SDI input signal with regard to both overall signal amplitude and Jitter.

*Updated firmware may be required on older units necessitating their return to Murraypro. If you are unsure if your unit will require updating, please send us the serial number and we will check with Murraypro before proceeding.

Description      Each:
Price Qty
TCHEST-3GTest Chest 3G portable 3G-SDI digital video test unit£2995.00
EYE-PODSD/HD/3G Eye and Jitter monitoring accessory for TC3G£2150.00
TCHEST-EYETest Chest 3G and Eye-Pod purchased together£4750.00
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