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Multi-Quad Cables

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Multi-Quad CablesThis cable is a multiple version of our 'STAR-QUAD' cable, where each 'Quad' is individually screened and insulated. The individual Mylar tape insulations have a different coloured tracer for identification with an overall PVC jacket. This style of cable is widely used in outside broadcast applications. This new 8 Quad cable replaces the 5 and 7 Quad versions which have been discontinued.
Technical Specifications
Lay length12.5mm
Core coloursRed & Blue, Green & White
Screen48/0.15mm tinned copper
Quad colours1. Blue 2. Orange 3. Green 4. Brown
5. Grey 6. White 7. Unmarked 8. Violet
Overall jacketCobalt Blue PVC (8 Quad)
Overall diameter16.80mm (8 Quad)
Description      Metre:
10 500 1000Qty
STR 32A8 channel outside broadcast star quad cable£7.13£6.54£6.04
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