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Recessed Panel Adaptors

Recessed Panel Adaptors

These Panel Recess Adaptors allow standard, flat, 19 inch panels to be recessed within a rack. They are available in eight different heights from 1U to 12U and three depths, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. The rear of the brackets have fixing holes for every U position to allow one kit to cater for a number of panels.

Available in Dawn Mist and Black Paint as standard.

Description      Pair:
1 5 10Qty
RPA 10001Recessed panel adaptor 1U 100mm Dawn Mist£10.93£9.74£8.78
RPA 10002Recessed panel adaptor 2U 100mm Dawn Mist£14.32£12.76£11.51
RPA 10003Recessed panel adaptor 3U 100mm Dawn Mist£17.83£15.89£14.33
RPA 10004Recessed panel adaptor 4U 100mm Dawn Mist£22.05£19.65£17.73
RPA 10006Recessed panel adaptor 6U 100mm Dawn Mist£26.29£23.43£21.14
RPA 10008Recessed panel adaptor 8U 100mm Dawn Mist£35.12£31.30£28.24
RPA 10010Recessed panel adaptor 10U 100mm Dawn Mist£40.44£36.04£32.51
RPA 10012Recessed panel adaptor 12U 100mm Dawn Mist£43.54£38.80£35.00
RPA 15001Recessed panel adaptor 1U 150mm Dawn Mist£12.66£11.28£10.18
RPA 15002Recessed panel adaptor 2U 150mm Dawn Mist£16.80£14.98£13.51
RPA 15003Recessed panel adaptor 3U 150mm Dawn Mist£21.10£18.80£16.96
RPA 15004Recessed panel adaptor 4U 150mm Dawn Mist£26.22£23.37£21.08
RPA 15006Recessed panel adaptor 6U 150mm Dawn Mist£36.63£32.65£29.45
RPA 15008Recessed panel adaptor 8U 150mm Dawn Mist£42.51£37.89£34.18
RPA 15010Recessed panel adaptor 10U 150mm Dawn Mist£45.66£40.70£36.71
RPA 15012Recessed panel adaptor 12U 150mm Dawn Mist£48.80£43.50£39.24
RPA 20001Recessed panel adaptor 1U 200mm Dawn Mist£14.39£12.83£11.57
RPA 20002Recessed panel adaptor 2U 200mm Dawn Mist£19.29£17.20£15.51
RPA 20003Recessed panel adaptor 3U 200mm Dawn Mist£24.37£21.72£19.59
RPA 20004Recessed panel adaptor 4U 200mm Dawn Mist£29.29£26.11£23.55
RPA 20006Recessed panel adaptor 6U 200mm Dawn Mist£40.73£36.30£32.75
RPA 20008Recessed panel adaptor 8U 200mm Dawn Mist£47.15£42.02£37.90
RPA 20010Recessed panel adaptor 10U 200mm Dawn Mist£55.32£49.30£44.47
RPA 20012Recessed panel adaptor 12U 200mm Dawn Mist£59.02£52.61£47.45
RPA 10001BRecessed panel adaptor 1U 100mm Black£10.93£9.74£8.78
RPA 10002BRecessed panel adaptor 2U 100mm Black£14.32£12.76£11.51
RPA 10003BRecessed panel adaptor 3U 100mm Black£17.83£15.89£14.33
RPA 10004BRecessed panel adaptor 4U 100mm Black£22.05£19.65£17.73
RPA 10006BRecessed panel adaptor 6U 100mm Black£26.29£23.43£21.14
RPA 10008BRecessed panel adaptor 8U 100mm Black£35.12£31.30£28.24
RPA 10010BRecessed panel adaptor 10U 100mm Black£40.44£36.04£32.51
RPA 10012BRecessed panel adaptor 12U 100mm Black£43.54£38.80£35.00
RPA 15001BRecessed panel adaptor 1U 150mm Black£12.66£11.28£10.18
RPA 15002BRecessed panel adaptor 2U 150mm Black£16.80£14.98£13.51
RPA 15003BRecessed panel adaptor 3U 150mm Black£21.10£18.80£16.96
RPA 15004BRecessed panel adaptor 4U 150mm Black£26.22£23.37£21.08
RPA 15006BRecessed panel adaptor 6U 150mm Black£36.63£32.65£29.45
RPA 15008BRecessed panel adaptor 8U 150mm Black£42.51£37.89£34.18
RPA 15010BRecessed panel adaptor 10U 150mm Black£45.66£40.70£36.71
RPA 15012BRecessed panel adaptor 12U 150mm Black£48.80£43.50£39.24
RPA 20001BRecessed panel adaptor 1U 200mm Black£14.39£12.83£11.57
RPA 20002BRecessed panel adaptor 2U 200mm Black£19.29£17.20£15.51
RPA 20003BRecessed panel adaptor 3U 200mm Black£24.37£21.72£19.59
RPA 20004BRecessed panel adaptor 4U 200mm Black£29.29£26.11£23.55
RPA 20006BRecessed panel adaptor 6U 200mm Black£40.73£36.30£32.75
RPA 20008BRecessed panel adaptor 8U 200mm Black£47.15£42.02£37.90
RPA 20010BRecessed panel adaptor 10U 200mm Black£55.32£49.30£44.47
RPA 20012BRecessed panel adaptor 12U 200mm Black£59.02£52.61£47.45
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