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Audio Patch Cords, B Gauge

Audio Patch Cords, B Gauge

These B gauge audio patch cords utilise 2 conductor screened cable. The conductors are made up of 8 strands of tinsel wire with PVC insulation. The conductors are screened by lapped tinned copper wire, which is in turn insulated by a coloured textile braided sheath and terminated at each end in the relevant plug.

5 colours of cord are available: Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Red.

Yellow Phase reverse cords are available to order.

Description      Each:
1 10 50Qty
QPC 1BK316 patch cord 1ft black£26.87£24.80£23.02
QPC 1BL316 patch cord 1ft blue£26.87£24.80£23.02
QPC 1GN316 patch cord 1ft green£26.87£24.80£23.02
QPC 1GY316 patch cord 1ft grey£26.87£24.80£23.02
QPC 1RD316 patch cord 1ft red£26.87£24.80£23.02
QPC 2BK316 patch cord 2ft black£27.22£25.13£23.34
QPC 2BL316 patch cord 2ft blue£27.22£25.13£23.34
QPC 2GN316 patch cord 2ft green£27.22£25.13£23.34
QPC 2GY316 patch cord 2ft grey£27.22£25.13£23.34
QPC 2RD316 patch cord 2ft red£27.22£25.13£23.34
QPC 3BK316 patch cord 3ft black£27.58£25.46£23.64
QPC 3BL316 patch cord 3ft blue£27.58£25.46£23.64
QPC 3GN316 patch cord 3ft green£27.58£25.46£23.64
QPC 3GY316 patch cord 3ft grey£27.58£25.46£23.64
QPC 3RD316 patch cord 3ft red£27.58£25.46£23.64
QPC 4BK316 patch cord 4ft black£27.95£25.80£23.95
QPC 4BL316 patch cord 4ft blue£27.95£25.80£23.95
QPC 4GN316 patch cord 4ft green£27.95£25.80£23.95
QPC 4GY316 patch cord 4ft grey£27.95£25.80£23.95
QPC 4RD316 patch cord 4ft red£27.95£25.80£23.95
QPC 6BK316 patch cord 6ft black£28.65£26.51£24.56
QPC 6BL316 patch cord 6ft blue£28.65£26.45£24.56
QPC 6GN316 patch cord 6ft green£28.65£26.45£24.56
QPC 6GY316 patch cord 6ft grey£28.65£26.45£24.56
QPC 6RD316 patch cord 6ft red£28.65£26.45£24.56
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