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Budget Mains Distribution Units

Made in UK by Bryant Unlimited

Budget Mains Distribution Units

This series of mains distribution units has been designed for ease of installation into 19 inch racks and consoles. All units are 2U high and are constructed in a similar manner to our range of RAP boxes, they also come equipped with an ON/OFF switch on the front panels. All IEC connectors are of the 10 Amp rated shuttered variety. As standard all units are supplied with 2 metres of 15 Amp flex terminated in a 13 Amp plug, which is fused 10 or 13 Amp accordingly.

All front and rear panels are finished in Dawn Mist semi-gloss paint and top and bottom covers are alochromed.

Dimensions: 483mm (19in) x (89mm) (2U) x 150mm

Connection Details
Type No.Power inputFront outletTypeRear outletTypeFilter
PDS 01FixedNil12IEC 10 AmpNil
PDS 02Fixed113 Amp12IEC 10 AmpNil
PDS 03FixedNil12IEC 10 Amp1
PDS 04Fixed413 AmpNilNil
PDS 05Fixed513 AmpNilNil
PDS 06Fixed413 AmpNil1
PDS 07Fixed513 AmpNil1
PDS 08Fixed113 Amp12IEC 10 Amp1
PDS 09FixedNil413 AmpNil
PDS 10Fixed113 Amp413 AmpNil
PDS 11FixedNil513 AmpNil
PDS 12Fixed113 Amp513 AmpNil
Description      Each:
Price Qty
PDS 0112 IEC outlet wire input£77.65
PDS 0212 IEC & 1 x 13 amp outlet wire input£89.67
PDS 0312 IEC outlet wire input filtered£84.04
PDS 044 x 13 amp outlet wire input£88.14
PDS 055 x 13 amp outlet wire input£95.29
PDS 064 x 13 amp outlet wire input filtered£106.85
PDS 075 x 13 amp outlet wire input filtered£114.24
PDS 0812 IEC & 1 x 13 amp outlet wire input filtered£107.96
PDS 094 x 13 amp outlet wire input£89.78
PDS 104 + 1 x 13 amp outlet wire input£100.89
PDS 115 x 13 amp outlet wire input£96.18
PDS 125 + 1 x 13amp outlet wire input£106.49
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