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Tight Jacketed Fibre Optic Patch Cable

Tight Jacketed Fibre Optic Patch Cable

Fibre optic patch cable is ideal for use in office LAN connections, patchcords, pigtails and internal point-to-point links where frequent handling is likely (e.g. data cabinets, equipment rooms, user outlets). Utilising 900µm buffered fibre, these cables are suitable for use with industry standard connectors and can be easily made into patchcords.

Main features

  • High strength aramid yarn strength member
  • Easy to strip
  • LS0H jacket

Technical Specification
Optical Performance:
SizeWavelength (nm) Attenuation (dB/km)Bandwidth (MHz/km)
50/125850 <2.5>1500
 1300 <0.7>500
Mechanical Performance:
No. fibresOD mmMin bend ‘r’ mm
Loaded / installed
Max tensile load (N)
Short term / long term
Weight kg/km
13.060 / 30150 / 806.8
25.7 x 2.860 / 30300 / 16013.2
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
Description      Each:
10 100 500Qty
OM3 TBS011 core simplex OM3 (50/125) tight jacketed fibre patch cable LS0H£0.33£0.31£0.27
OM3 TBD022 core duplex OM3 (50/125) tight jacketed fibre patch cable LS0H£0.65£0.60£0.56
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