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Neutrik 'Economy' Modular Stageboxes

Neutrik 'Economy' Modular Stageboxes

These economical, aluminium/plastic stageboxes are available in three lengths. Each box comprises a pair of plastic moulded ends, four blackpainted aluminium extrusions and selection of loaded output connectors or modules.

Input is via a 120mm long spiral cable-gland (maximum cable diameter 20mm) in one of the plastic end plates. The connectors are either solder bucket 'D' cut-out types, or IDC XLRs in moulded plastic modules - 4 XLR 3-pin female or 4 XLR 3-pin male for rapid assembly. These IDCs accept wire sizes from 0.14mm² to 0.22mm².

Female types have spring retention rather than latches for quick derigging.

We are able to customize blank plates to suit other connector types.

The stagebox profile is trapezoidal with three rows of connectors - on the top and the two sloping faces.

Lengths are 132mm, 252mm or 372mm (all excluding the cable gland)

Spare modular plates, with either 4 female or 4 male connectors are also available, to allow alternative connector configurations to be created. Luminescent labels are also available to assist connector identification.

The part number indicates the number of inputs and outputs, e.g. 84 = 8 inputs/4 outputs, but they're custom wirable because you're wiring them! The 'D' in the part number signifies 'D' cut-out type connector.

Technical Specifications
Part No. Height Depth Width
NSB1A84 79.00mm 134.00mm 132.00mm
NSB1AD84 79.00mm 117.00mm 132.00mm
NSB2AD1212 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2AD124 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2AD128 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2AD164 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2AD168 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2AD204 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2AD88 79.00mm 117.00mm 252.00mm
NSB2B124 79.00mm 134.00mm 252.00mm
NSB3A324 79.00mm 117.00mm 372.00mm
Description      Each:
1 10Qty
NSB1A84Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 8 female 4 male IDC connectors£67.96£56.63
NSB1AD84Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 8 female, 4 male nickel DL connectors£161.28£134.40
NSB2AD1212Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 12 female, 12 male nickel DL connectors£271.74£226.45
NSB2AD124Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 12 female, 4 male nickel DL connectors£222.50£185.42
NSB2AD128Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 12 female, 8 male nickel DL connectors£249.04£207.53
NSB2AD164Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 16 female, 4 male nickel DL connectors£251.12£209.27
NSB2AD168Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 16 female, 8 male nickel DL connectors£273.80£228.17
NSB2AD204Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 20 female, 4 male nickel DL connectors£275.92£229.93
NSB2B124Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 12 female, 4 male IDC connectors£83.04£69.20
NSB3A324Neutrik 'Economy' stagebox 32 female, 4 male IDC connectors£119.18£99.32
NSB4WAYBLNeutrik size 4 blank stagebox panel£2.26£1.88
NSB4WAYDPNeutrik 4 hole 'D' series stagebox panel£2.64£2.20
NSB8WAYBLNeutrik size 8 blank stagebox panel£3.76£3.13
NSB8WAYDPNeutrik 8 hole 'D' series stagebox panel£4.40£3.67
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