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NTi Audio Accessories

NTi Audio Accessories

Various accessories are available to suit the NTi Audio instruments as follows.


A -20dB passive attenuator is available to extend the balanced input range of the Minilyzer ML1 up to +40dBu. Ideal to connect power output stages of amplifiers. Accuracy 0.1% balanced to balanced.


Designed to be used in conjunction with the Minirator MR2 or MR-PRO, the impedance of the adapter is matched for this use only!  Note: For safety reasons the adapter includes a pin 1 - fuse.
Application Example: A low noise signal at -40dBu is required to substitute for a mic signal. The THD+N of the generated Minirator signal without adapter is 54dB @ -40dBu. For improved signal-noise-ratio you plug the 40dB Adapter into the Minirator output and adjust the displayed level to 0dBu. The resulting level at the adapter output is -40dBu with an improved signal-noise-ratio, which is below the residual noise of high-end audio analyzers!!

NMI 70-100

Protects the Minirator MR-PRO against accidentally applied voltages during impedance or power testing of distributed 70V/100V speaker systems.


Two soft pouches with belt clips are available to protect these products against shock, dust and water.


A rigid plastic system case is available for storing the Exel Line test system. With space for either a Minirator MR1, a Minilyzer ML2 or MR-PRO and a MiniSPL or a DL1, DR2 and AES3id. There is also room for cables, connectors and other accessories required for 'on site' testing.

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Please Note: Whilst the Exel Line range is calibrated at the factory, they are not supplied with a calibration certificate as standard. If you require a full 12 months certificate, the unit will be ordered from the NTi factory and not supplied from stock.

Description      Each:
Price Qty
NMI 20DBNTi Audio Exel Line 20dB attenuator (600 000 014)£0.00
NMI 40DBNTi Audio Exel Line 40dB attenuator (600 000 312)£0.00
NMI 70-100NTi Audio 70/100V protective adaptor for MR-PRO (600 000 313)£0.00
NMI PR2NTi Audio Exel Line soft pouch for MR2 or MR-PRO (600 000 302)£0.00
NMI SC2NTi Audio Exel Line system case for ML1, MR2/MR-Pro and MiniSPL set or DL1, DR2 and AES3id set (600 000 020)£0.00
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