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14 Way eco Mains Distribution units with Programmable Audible Alarm

Made in UK by Bryant Unlimited

14 Way eco Mains Distribution units with Programmable Audible Alarm

The PDU 114PEA Mains Distribution Unit offers 14 IEC outlets, each with an associated bi-colour LED to show outlet status. Similar products normally have 'mains LEDs', which use resistors to drop the mains supply to low voltage for the LED, throwing away 99% of the power as heat. In the PDU 114PEA, a bespoke power supply is used to reduce power consumption of the LED circuit to less than 0.5W, where other units fitted with mains LEDs consume 10W. The unit could pay for itself in energy savings alone.

The PDU 114PEA mains unit has a custom micro-controller to measure the presence of mains voltage on each outlet and only then is the corresponding LED set to Green. Each unit is fitted with a piezo sounder that can be enabled to give audible warning when a fuse fails. The sound generated, it's irritation factor, how long it continues to sound and more are all programmable from the front panel before installation. Please see the data sheet under 'See Also...' to the left for programming instructions.

A Neutrik powerCON inlet connector is used to give an overall current capacity of 20 Amps. A mating connector is supplied for the inlet. Each outlet is rated to a maximum of 10 Amps, fitted with 3.15 Amp Antisurge HRC ceramic fuses as standard.

Units use fully wired distribution, rather than a cheap PCB, to avoid damage caused by high fault currents. They are available fitted with an on-off switch (PDU 114PEA) or a neon indicator (NDU 114PEA) for secure applications.

A designation strip and tie bar are fitted as standard.

Please Note: These units are designed for EU mains or similar, 220-240VAC +/-10% with neutral and earth nominally at the same potential. They are not for use on lower mains voltages, for example 100-120VAC, although custom builds are possible for larger orders. The units should never be used on rare 'balanced' mains where live and neutral are centred on earth, L/N measuring similar voltages to earth. Balanced mains requires fusing in both live and neutral distribution.

Technical Specifications
Input Connector: Neutrik powerCON (mating connector supplied)
Input Rating: 230VAC nominal, max. 20A
Power Consumption: Less than 1 Watt (LED circuit 0.4W @ 230VAC)
Output Connectors: 14 x C13 IEC sockets
Output Rating: Maximum 10A per outlet
Cable Retention: Cable tie bar fitted to rear
Colour: Dawn Mist or Black front panel, Dawn Mist rear panel, silver anodise chassis
Dimensions: 1U high, 310mm deep including tie bar
Weight: 1.8Kg
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Description      Each:
1 5 10Qty
NDU 114PEA14 way IEC powerCON inlet bi-colour LED Neon Alarm Dawn Mist£201.12£183.78£169.19
PDU 114PEA14 way IEC powerCON inlet bi-colour LED Switch Alarm Dawn Mist£201.12£183.78£169.19
NDUB114PEA14 way IEC powerCON inlet bi-colour LED Neon Alarm Black£201.12£183.78£169.19
PDUB114PEA14 way IEC powerCON inlet bi-colour LED Switch Alarm Black£201.12£183.78£169.19
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