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Neutrik XX Series Cable Mount XLR Audio Connectors

Neutrik XX Series Cable Mount XLR Audio Connectors

These are the next generation of the worldwide de facto standard. The 3 pin female connector now has cage type hyperbolic contacts with seven contact springs to assure low contact resistance and high integrity, plus a "solder stop" for easy soldering and an additional ground contact for improved contact integrity between chassis and cable connector. The male has an improved locking recess for more secure mating retention.

They have a sleek, ergonomically designed, rugged diecast shell.

Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
NC3FXXFemale 3 pin cable Nickel£3.52£2.93£2.71£2.51
NC3FXX-14Female 3 pin cable Nickel for 8mm to 10mm cable O/D£4.04£3.37£3.11£2.89
NC3FXXBFemale 3 pin cable Black£4.58£3.82£3.52£3.27
NC3MXXMale 3 pin cable Nickel£2.96£2.47£2.28£2.11
NC3MXX-14Male 3 pin cable Nickel for 8mm to 10mm cable O/D£3.44£2.87£2.65£2.46
NC3MXXBMale 3 pin cable Black£3.72£3.10£2.86£2.66
NC4FXXFemale 4 pin cable Nickel£5.50£4.58£4.23£3.93
NC4FXXBFemale 4 pin cable Black£6.62£5.52£5.09£4.73
NC4MXXMale 4 pin cable Nickel£4.12£3.43£3.17£2.94
NC4MXXBMale 4 pin cable Black£5.00£4.17£3.85£3.57
NC5FXXFemale 5 pin cable Nickel£7.56£6.30£5.82£5.40
NC5FXXBFemale 5 pin cable Black£8.98£7.48£6.91£6.41
NC5MXXMale 5 pin cable Nickel£6.76£5.63£5.20£4.83
NC5MXXBMale 5 pin cable Black£7.96£6.63£6.12£5.69
NC6FXXFemale 6 pin cable Nickel£9.96£8.30£7.66£7.11
NC6FXXBFemale 6 pin cable Black£12.34£10.28£9.49£8.81
NC6MXXMale 6 pin cable Nickel£8.48£7.07£6.52£6.06
NC6MXXBMale 6 pin cable Black£9.62£8.02£7.40£6.87
NC7FXXFemale 7 pin cable Nickel£11.44£9.53£8.80£8.17
NC7FXXBFemale 7 pin cable Black£15.64£13.03£12.03£11.17
NC7MXXMale 7 pin cable Nickel£10.10£8.42£7.77£7.21
NC7MXXBMale 7 pin cable Black£11.56£9.63£8.89£8.26
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