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Neutrik XLR 3 Pin Panel Mount PCB Connectors

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Neutrik XLR 3 Pin Panel Mount PCB Connectors

This series of metal bodied Neutrik panel mount XLR connectors are for PCB applications. They require a standard cut out of 24mm diameter. When mounting in panels they can be either front or rear mounted. The insert is removable from the rear of the connector which allows PCB testing before final assembly. The inserts are locked into place with a 30°catch, which requires a small tip screwdriver.

PLEASE NOTE: these connectors are supplied with their locks unfastened and available in 3 pin configuration only.

FDH & MDH Versions

Right angle PCB mounting.

FDV & MDV Versions

Straight PCB mounting.

'M3'Suffix Versions

This version of connector features bodies with 'M3' tapped holes for rear of panel mounting only.

Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
NC3FDH3 pin female nickel H series£4.76£3.97£3.66£3.40
NC3FDHB3 pin female black gold pins£5.32£4.43£4.09£3.80
NC3FDHBAG3 pin female black silver pins£4.70£3.92£3.62£3.36
NC3FDM3HFemale PCB mtg horizontal£4.92£4.10£3.78£3.51
NC3FDM3VFemale PCB mount vertical£4.60£3.83£3.54£3.29
NC3FDVFemale PCB mount vertical£4.76£3.97£3.66£3.40
NC3FDVBFemale PCB mount vertical£5.58£4.65£4.29£3.99
NC3FDVBAGFemale PCB mount vertical£4.92£4.10£3.78£3.51
NC3MDH3 pin male nickel H series£4.10£3.42£3.15£2.93
NC3MDHB3 pin male black gold pins£5.16£4.30£3.97£3.69
NC3MDHBAG3 pin male black silver pins£4.32£3.60£3.32£3.09
NC3MDM3HMale PCB mount horizontal£4.48£3.73£3.45£3.20
NC3MDM3VMale PCB mount vertical£3.90£3.25£3.00£2.79
NC3MDVMale PCB mount vertical£3.90£3.25£3.00£2.79
NC3MDVBMale PCB mount vertical£4.72£3.93£3.63£3.37
NC3MDVBAGMale PCB mount vertical£4.26£3.55£3.28£3.04
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