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Neutrik PowerCon 20 Amp Mains Connectors

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Neutrik PowerCon 20 Amp Mains Connectors

These connectors have been designed by Neutrik to replace the LNE connectors that have been outlawed by the EEC. Based on the proven Speakon loudspeaker connector, they have an extra keyway to prevent accidental connection. The cable mount connectors are terminated using screw terminals and the panel connectors can either accept push on terminals or can be soldered.

A coupler for linking cables together is also available. This will join an NAC3FCA cable inlet plug to an NAC3FCB cable outlet plug.

All versions are rated at 20 Amp 250V AC when used with 2.5mm² cable. Power inlet connectors are coloured Blue and power outlet connectors are coloured Grey.

Please note: powerCON 20A and 32A connectors are Connectors Without Breaking Capacity (COC), which has a specific definition in standard IEC61984 used by Neutrik to certify all plug and socket variants of 20A and 32A. COC do not have breaking capacity under load, nor do they have making capacity under load. Most importantly, COC are not certified as safe when unmated and live. powerCON 20A/32A supply leads and panel distribution must never be live in their unmated state. Neutrik refer to powerCON 16A (TRUE1) connectors as CBC (Connectors with Breaking Capacity in IEC61984) and are safe when unmated and live. More accurately, TRUE1 are instead certified to IEC60320, the maximum 16A standard used by the ubiquitous 10A "IEC" connector, and that standard mandates breaking capacity but does not refer to CBC.
Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
NAC3FCACable mount mains in (blue)£5.60£4.67£4.31£4.00
NAC3FCBCable mount mains out (grey)£5.60£4.67£4.31£4.00
NAC3MMIn line coupler (blue/grey)£16.68£13.90£12.83£11.91
NAC3MPAPanel mount mains inlet (blue)£2.82£2.35£2.17£2.01
NAC3MPBPanel power out (grey) mains£2.82£2.35£2.17£2.01
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