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XLR In-Line Adaptors

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XLR In-Line AdaptorsWe offer a range of XLR adaptors which are pre-connected problem solvers. All adaptors are connected pin to pin where applicable. When adaptors are from 3 pin to 2 pin, connector pin 2 is Hot and pins 1 & 3 are connected together.
Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
NA2FBNCXLR female to BNC socket£11.68£9.73£8.98£8.34
NA2FJTXXLR female to mono 1/4" jack socket balancing adaptor£31.48£26.23£24.22£22.49
NA2FPXLR female to mono jack plug£10.34£8.62£7.95£7.39
NA2FPMFXLR female to phono socket£10.30£8.58£7.92£7.36
NA2FPMMXLR female to phono plug£11.16£9.30£8.58£7.97
NA2MBNCXLR male to BNC socket£11.38£9.48£8.75£8.13
NA2MJTXXLR male to mono 1/4" jack socket balancing adaptor£31.48£26.23£24.22£22.49
NA2MPXLR male to mono jack plug£10.34£8.62£7.95£7.39
NA2MPMFXLR male to phono socket£10.30£8.58£7.92£7.36
NA2MPMMXLR male to phono plug£11.16£9.30£8.58£7.97
NA3FFXLR female to female adaptor£9.24£7.70£7.11£6.60
NA3FJXLR female to stereo jack socket£13.14£10.95£10.11£9.39
NA3FPXLR female to stereo jack plug£11.68£9.73£8.98£8.34
NA3MJXLR male to stereo jack socket£12.92£10.77£9.94£9.23
NA3MMXLR male to male adaptor£8.76£7.30£6.74£6.26
NA3MPXLR male to stereo jack plug£11.68£9.73£8.98£8.34
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