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MUSA U Links

MUSA U Links

These MUSA U Links are the culmination of some concerted design effort by Bryant Unlimited to solve the problems found with other Serial Digital U links on the market. The main feature of Bryant Unlimited U links is the return to a one piece solid centre conductor, housed in a die-cast aluminium body. However, unlike their forebears, this new design has an impedence close to 75 Ohms, reduces reflections and removes the danger of wiring faults to give a reliable, trouble free interface.

The outer body consists of an ergonomically designed moulded plastic handle and features snap on coloured caps for identification, which are available in 10 different colours.

Description      Each:
Price Qty
MUL 1011U MUSA u-link white£9.31
MUL 1021U MUSA u-link black£9.31
MUL 1031U MUSA u-link red£9.31
MUL 1041U MUSA u-link blue£9.31
MUL 1051U MUSA u-link green£9.31
MUL 1061U MUSA u-link yellow£9.31
MUL 1071U MUSA u-link violet£9.31
MUL 1081U MUSA u-link brown£9.31
MUL 1091U MUSA u-link grey£9.31
MUL 1101U MUSA u-link orange£9.31
MUL 2012U MUSA u-link white£9.31
MUL 2022U MUSA u-link black£9.31
MUL 2032U MUSA u-link red£9.31
MUL 2042U MUSA u-link blue£9.31
MUL 2052U MUSA u-link green£9.31
MUL 2062U MUSA u-link yellow£9.31
MUL 2072U MUSA u-link violet£9.31
MUL 2082U MUSA u-link brown£9.31
MUL 2092U MUSA u-link grey£9.31
MUL 2102U MUSA u-link orange£9.31
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