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Modular Termination Panels

Modular Termination Panels

This is a 2U, 19inch modular shelving system that allows complete flexibility of design for engineers from all disciplines.

The units are available in depths of 100mm, 150mm or 250mm and frames are available for use as either a termination panel with rear tie bars or a rack case where panels can be fitted both front and rear.

The horizontal rails can be reversed to facilitate assembly with angled or flat panels and can be recessed along the side panel to give component protection if required.

Panels come in fixed module widths of 54.75mm allowing 8 panels to be mounted on the frame. This allows mix and matching of different connectors in one panel or partial population with room for expansion if required. Blank panels may be fitted in spare slots and custom panels can be machined to order.

Paint colour Dawn Mist (Light Grey).

Features and Benefits

  • Expandable System
  • A range of depths and heights from stock
  • Front and rear configuration can be vertical or angled
  • Standard 19” rack design
  • Flat Pack
  • With covers becomes a case

Technical Specifications
 HeightWidthOverall depth
Panel size:100mm2U482.60mm100.00mm
Designation strip size(all panels):437.00mm x 9.00mm
Pitch of modules:54.75mm
Pitch of dual connectors:26.50mm
Angle of panel (optional):10°
Description      Each:
1 5 10Qty
MTP 1BP1 module wide MTP blank panel£1.91£1.73£1.58
MTP 1D09-21 module panel with 2 x D9 cutout£2.33£2.11£1.93
MTP 1D25-21 module panel with 2 x D25 cutout£2.33£2.11£1.93
MTP 1FOLPS1 module panel with LF 202 cutout£1.98£1.79£1.63
MTP 1MIL261 module panel with 1 x BD M26 cutout£2.26£2.04£1.87
MTP 1TRFPP1 module panel with 1 x TR 203 cutout£1.98£1.79£1.63
MTP 1TRFPS1 module panel with 1 x TR 204 cutout£1.98£1.79£1.63
MTP 1TRLPP1 module panel with 1 x TR 201 cutout£2.26£2.04£1.87
MTP 1TRLPS1 module panel with 1 x TR 202 cutout£1.98£1.79£1.63
MTP 1XLR-41 module panel with 4 x D series XLR cutout£2.77£2.51£2.28
MTP BRMTP bottom rail£7.55£6.83£6.24
MTP DSMTP desi strip£3.62£3.27£2.99
MTP RC1002U 100mm modular term case frame£60.14£54.46£49.77
MTP RC1502U 150mm modular term case frame£63.77£57.76£52.78
MTP RC2502U 250mm modular term case frame£69.87£63.27£57.82
MTP SC100MTP 100mm rack case cover£5.85£5.31£4.84
MTP SC150MTP 150mm rack case cover£7.21£6.54£5.97
MTP SC250MTP 250mm rack case cover£8.66£7.84£7.17
MTP SC57MTP 57mm filler plate£3.99£3.61£3.31
MTP SP1002U 100mm mtp side panel£4.78£4.33£3.96
MTP SP1502U 150mm mtp side panel£5.24£4.75£4.34
MTP SP2502U 250mm mtp side panel£6.84£6.20£5.66
MTP TG1002U 100mm modular term panel frame£47.37£42.89£39.20
MTP TG1502U 150mm modular term panel frame£48.29£43.74£39.97
MTP TG2502U 250mm modular term panel frame£51.49£46.63£42.61
MTP TRMTP top rail£7.55£6.83£6.24
MTP 1FOLPP1 module panel with 1 x LF 201 cutout£2.26£2.04£1.87
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