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Fibre Splice Rack Tray for Lemo 3K.93C connectors

Fibre Splice Rack Tray Fibre Splice Rack Tray internal 1 Fibre Splice Rack Tray internal 2 Fibre Splice Rack Tray rear view Fibre Splice Rack Tray fibre management Fibre Splice Rack Tray electrical connections Fibre Splice Rack Tray EDW front panel Fibre Splice Rack Tray FXW front panel This fibre splice rack tray, fitted with up to 10 Lemo EDW or FXW connectors, is designed for terminating SMPTE infrastructure cables in a central apparatus room or patching area.

Each incoming SMPTE cable can be threaded through an individual gland and the strain relief member fixed to the screw clamp. The electrical cores are then fitted to the wago terminal blocks and the fibres routed round to the splice tray stack for splicing onto the matching fibres from the front panel connectors.

The unit shown is fully populated, but units are available fitted with 1 to 8 channels.

Fibre splicing equipment and tools are not supplied.

Please note. The images in the gallery show the unit once it has been wired to the incoming SMPTE cables, which are not supplied.

Technical Specifications
  Height Width Overall depth
(excl. fibre)
Panel size: 2U 482.60mm 325.00mm
Designation strip size 477.00mm x 9.00mm
Pitch of connectors: 1 - 8 channels 7 pitches of 54.75mm
  10 channels 9 pitches of 42.00mm
Description      Each:
Price Qty
FST EDW01Fibre splice rack tray 1 EDW.3K.93C£282.48
FST FXW01Fibre splice rack tray 1 FXW.3K.93C£353.60
FST EDW02Fibre splice rack tray 2 EDW.3K.93C£454.34
FST FXW02Fibre splice rack tray 2 FXW.3K.93C£596.59
FST EDW03Fibre splice rack tray 3 EDW.3K.93C£636.69
FST FXW03Fibre splice rack tray 3 FXW.3K.93C£850.05
FST EDW04Fibre splice rack tray 4 EDW.3K.93C£808.55
FST FXW04Fibre splice rack tray 4 FXW.3K.93C£1093.03
FST EDW05Fibre splice rack tray 5 EDW.3K.93C£990.90
FST FXW05Fibre splice rack tray 5 FXW.3K.93C£1346.50
FST EDW06Fibre splice rack tray 6 EDW.3K.93C£1162.78
FST FXW06Fibre splice rack tray 6 FXW.3K.93C£1589.50
FST EDW07Fibre splice rack tray 7 EDW.3K.93C£1345.12
FST FXW07Fibre splice rack tray 7 FXW.3K.93C£1842.97
FST EDW08Fibre splice rack tray 8 EDW.3K.93C£1516.98
FST FXW08Fibre splice rack tray 8 FXW.3K.93C£2085.95
FST EDW10Fibre splice rack tray 10 EDW.3K.93C£1871.33
FST FXW10Fibre splice rack tray 10 FXW.3K.93C£2582.53
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