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Switchcraft/Bryant Connectorised Jackfields

Switchcraft/Bryant Connectorised Jackfields

The 100 series of pre-wired, connectorised jackfields comprise one of our standard jackfields with an added rear connector mounting frame. The jack sockets are either normalled or half normalled with screen connections individually terminated at jack and connector. The screen is terminated across rows of jacks as standard. The cable used is our 4000 series OFC twin and screen.

The 300 series of jackfields, differ from the 100 series in that the cable used is overall screened twisted pair 'PSN' type and therefore all the screen connections of the jacks are bussed and taken to a tag on the rear of the frame. In addition to this the screen of the internal cable is also taken to a pin of the relevant connector.

Technical Specs are the same as those for Part Nos. TTD1634B and JPO12S34B. Connector pin outs can be found in our Technical FAQs section.

Description      Each:
1 5Qty
EWJ 1012 x 24 BPO to 6 x 38 way EDAC 1U£557.78£514.88
EWJ 1022 x 24 BPO to 4 x 56 way EDAC 1U£533.45£492.42
EWJ 1032 x 24 BPO to 2 x 90 way EDAC 1U£522.86£482.65
EWJ 1042 x 26 BPO to 2 x 90 way EDAC 1U£546.79£504.74
EWJ 1062 x 48 Bantam to 4 x 90 way EDAC 1U£967.48£893.06
EWJ 3012 x 48 Bantam to 4 x 56 way EDAC 1U£673.09£621.32
EWJ 3062 x 48 Bantam to 4 x 50 way PO226 1U£612.99£565.83
EWJ 3112 x 24 BPO to 2 x 90 way PO226 1U£349.40£322.52
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