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Flat 19 inch Blank Panels

Flat 19 inch Blank Panels

This range of blank panels are manufactured from 10 SWG (3mm) aluminium sheet. We offer nine sizes of panel in three finishes, Black anodise, Clear anodise and Dawn Mist semi-gloss paint.

Other finishes and sizes available to order, please allow 7 days.

Description      Each:
1 10 25Qty
EFP 20101U flat panel dawn mist£5.63£5.12£4.69
EFP 20202U flat panel dawn mist£7.59£6.89£6.32
EFP 20303U flat panel dawn mist£9.93£9.02£8.27
EFP 20404U flat panel dawn mist£10.53£9.57£8.78
EFP 20505U flat panel dawn mist£13.19£11.99£10.99
EFP 20606U flat panel dawn mist£16.11£14.65£13.42
EFP 20808U flat panel dawn mist£20.77£18.88£17.32
EFP 210010U flat panel dawn mist£24.44£22.22£20.37
EFP 212012U flat panel dawn mist£28.37£25.80£23.65
EFP 30101U flat panel black anodise£4.83£4.40£4.03
EFP 30202U flat panel black anodise£7.33£6.66£6.11
EFP 30303U flat panel black anodise£8.75£7.95£7.28
EFP 30404U flat panel black anodise£10.27£9.34£8.56
EFP 30505U flat panel black anodise£13.08£11.89£10.91
EFP 30606U flat panel black anodise£15.94£14.48£13.28
EFP 30808U flat panel black anodise£20.68£18.81£17.24
EFP 310010U flat panel black anodise£24.14£21.95£20.12
EFP 312012U flat panel black anodise£28.51£25.92£23.76
EFP 40101U flat panel clear anodise£4.49£4.08£3.74
EFP 40202U flat panel clear anodise£6.73£6.12£5.61
EFP 40303U flat panel clear anodise£7.99£7.26£6.66
EFP 40404U flat panel clear anodise£9.54£8.67£7.95
EFP 40505U flat panel clear anodise£12.28£11.17£10.24
EFP 40606U flat panel clear anodise£15.17£13.79£12.64
EFP 40808U flat panel clear anodise£20.08£18.25£16.74
EFP 410010U flat panel clear anodise£23.16£21.05£19.29
EFP 412012U flat panel clear anodise£27.87£25.35£23.23
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