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'Clip On Style' Cable Markers (4.5mm to 6.0mm)

'Clip On Style' Cable Markers (4.5mm to 6.0mm)

This style of cable marker retrofits to terminated cables. The markers are available in six sizes to cover cable sizes from 3.3mm to 19.0mm diameter and are White with Black text for letters and resistor colour coded with Black text for numerals.

This size cable marker is supplied in packets of 300, ready fitted to applicators (wands).

Description      Pkt:
1 10Qty
E12C 0E12 cable marker 0 (zero) black (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 1E12 cable marker 1 brown (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 2E12 cable marker 2 red (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 3E12 cable marker 3 orange (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 4E12 cable marker 4 yellow (pkt 300)£11.92£10.93
E12C 5E12 cable marker5 green (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 6E12 cable marker6 blue (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 7E12 cable marker 7 violet (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 8E12 cable marker 8 grey (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12C 9E12 cable marker 9 white (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W AE12 cable marker A (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W BE12 cable marker B (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W CE12 cable marker C (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W DE12 cable marker D (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W EE12 cable marker E (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W FE12 cable marker F (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W GE12 cable marker G (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W HE12 cable marker H (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W IE12 cable marker I (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W JE12 cable marker J (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W KE12 cable marker K (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W LE12 cable marker L (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W ME12 cable marker M (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W NE12 cable marker N (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W OE12 cable marker O (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W PE12 cable marker P (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W QE12 cable marker Q (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W RE12 cable marker R (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W SE12 cable marker S (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W TE12 cable marker T (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W UE12 cable marker U (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W VE12 cable marker V (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W WE12 cable marker W (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W XE12 cable marker X (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W YE12 cable marker Y (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
E12W ZE12 cable marker Z (pkt 300)£11.93£10.93
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