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4500 Analogue VDA

4500 Analogue VDA

The 4500 is a broadcast quality analogue video distribution amplifier. It has a looped input and three outputs. There are controls to adjust the gain and equalisation, as well as a button to reset the gain and equalisation to standard for minimum cable length. The unit will equalise up to 450m of cable.

It is housed in an extremely compact and rugged aluminium case ideally suited to both studio and portable applications.

The unit requires an external power supply or a rack mounting frame. Please see MiniBlox Accessories.

Key features

  • Differential looping input and 3 outputs
  • Inherently good CMRR for hum reduction
  • Signal presence LED
  • Gain & equalisation adjustment for up to 450m of cable
  • Control reset button for simple operation
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Locking connector for PSU


  • Equalisation control
  • Gain control
  • Control enable/reset button

Technical Specifications
Video Specification
Analogue video input
ImpedanceHigh impedance bridging 75 Ohm termination
Connector75 Ohm BNC
Common mode signal>5V peak to peak
CMRR>60dB to 15kHz, >40dB @ 5.5MHz
Return loss>36dB to 5.5MHz
Cable equalisation0 - 450m (Belden 8281)
Analogue outputs
NumberLooping input and 3 outputs
Connector75 OHM BNC
Signal level1V peak to peak
DC offset<±20mV
Return loss>46dB to 5.5MHz
Isolation>70dB to 5.5MHz
Electrical length11nS Eq set to 0m, 7nS Eq set to 150m
ConsistencyTypically <0.5nS
Gain range±3dB
Frequency response±0.1dB to 20MHz, ±0.25dB to 30MHz, -1dB at 50MHz
Pulse to bar ratio<0.2%K
Bar slope<0.2%K
Pulse slope<0.2%K
Y/C gain inequality<0.5%
Y/C delay inequality<±1nS
Isolation>70dB to 5.5MHz
Differential gain<0.1% (12.5-87.5% APL)
Differential phase<0.1?° (12.5-87.5% APL)
Electrical Specification
Power150mA @ 6V
ConnectorLocking 2.5mm jack (centre +ve)
Other Specifications
LEDsPower only red, signal present, green
Size (mm)63.5 x 84 x 30 plus connectors
Temperature0°C to 40°C
Humidity80% max (non condensing)
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Price Qty
DTL 4500MiniBlox composite analogue VDA£93.00
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