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4463A Composite Video to SDI with Embedded Audio ADC

4463A Composite Video to SDI with Embedded Audio ADC

The 4463 composite analogue to SDI analogue audio embedder is a complete digital embedding solution for users wishing to use their existing analogue audio and video equipment. Two balanced stereo audio pairs can be embedded into the ancillary data space of a 270Mb/s output SDI stream.

The broadcast quality composite video to SDI conversion uses two 11 bit ADCs with x4 oversampling and with five line adaptive comb filtering. A jitter filter and digital time base corrector compensate for unstable input signals.

The analogue audio input is sampled at 24 bits and can be embedded as 20 or 24 bit audio. Embedding conforms to SMPTE 272M and allows audio to be inserted into any of the four groups. Adjustable full scale input levels to meet all international standards.

It is housed in an extremely compact and rugged aluminium case and is suitable for both field and studio applications.

The unit requires an external power supply or a rack mounting frame. Please see MiniBlox Accessories.

Key features

  • Converts analogue composite video to SDI and inserts two balanced analogue audio stereo pairs into any group
  • Auto select multi-standard input of PAL, NTSC & SECAM
  • Two 11 bit 4x oversampled video ADCs with 5 line adaptive comb filtering
  • Automatic video gain control range from -3dB to 6dB
  • Jitter filter and digital TBC for unstable input signals
  • High quality 24 bit audio ADC
  • Selectable 20 or 24 bit embedding
  • Adjustable full scale input levels to meet all international standards
  • LEDs show group status and input signal presence
  • Extremely compact and rugged

Control Switches

  • Audio group select
  • 20/24 bit embedding
  • Audio input level adjustment
  • Pedestal control
  • Disable AGC
  • Disable jitter filter

Technical Specifications
Video Specification
Analogue video input
StandardsComposite PAL, NTSC & SECAM
Connector75 OhmBNC
Signal level1V p-p +100% -50%
Return loss>40dB to 5.5MHz
Video conversion
Differential gain<1.6%
Differential phase<0.5°
Quantisation10 bit
SDI video output
StandardsSMPTE 259M 270Mb/s 525/625 SDI
Connectors75 OhmBNC
Signal level800mV p-p ±10% (terminated)
Jitter<0.15UI with colour bars input
Return loss>18dB up to 270MHz
Audio specification
Analogue audio input
StandardBalanced analogue
Number2 stereo pairs
Input levelMax 0dBFS=+26dBu/ Min 0dBFS=+12dBu
Quantisation24 bit
ConnectorRemovable screw terminals
Audio embedding
StandardsSMPTE 272M
Embedding20 or 24 bits
Electrical Specification
Power450mA @ 6V
ConnectorLocking 2.5mm jack (centre +ve)
Other Specifications
LEDsShow group status and signal presence
Size (mm)63.5 x 84 x 30 plus connectors
Temperature0°C to 40°C
Humidity80% max (non condensing)
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Price Qty
DTL 4463AMiniBlox Composite video & analogue audio to SDI with embedded audio ADC£850.00
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