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4262A 3G-HD-SD Dual Stereo Analogue Audio De-embedder

4262A 3G-HD-SD Dual Stereo Analogue Audio De-embedder

The 4262A 3G-HD-SD dual stereo analogue audio de-embedder extracts two balanced stereo analogue audio pairs from any group in the ancillary data space of an SDI signal and provides broadcast quality analogue audio outputs.Audio conversion employs high quality 24-bit DACs.Adjustable full scale output levels meet all international standards.Units can be cascaded to enable de-embedding from all four available groups (16 audio channels).

The unit automatically detects whether the SDI input is 3G,HD or 270Mb/s SD SDI.There is automatic input cable equalisation and two re-clocked SDI outputs are provided.

The unit requires an external power supply or a rack mounting frame. Please see MiniBlox Accessories.

Key features

  • Automatic 3G,HD,or SD SDI standard detection
  • Extracts two balanced analogue audio stereo pairs from any group
  • High quality 24 bit audio DAC
  • Adjustable full scale output levels to meet all international standards
  • LEDs show group status and input signal presence
  • Automatic input cable equalisation
  • 2 re-clocked SDI outputs
  • Locking connector for power supply
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Optional XLR breakout cable
  • Optional external power supply
  • Optional rack mounting frames with central power supplies

Technical Specifications
Video Specification
Video input
3GSMPTE 424M & 425M-AB (2.97 & 2.967Gb/s)
HDSMPTE 292M (1.485 & 1.435Gb/s)
 1080i 60/59.94/50
 1080p/psf 30/29.97/25/24/23.98
 720p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
SDSMPTE 259M-C (270Mb/s)
 625i 50
 525i 59.94
ASIDVB-ASI at 270Mb/s
Connector75 Ohm BNC
Return loss>15dB to 1.485GHz
 >10dB 1.5 to 2.97GHz
Cable equalisation3G to 100m, HD to 160m, SD to 200m
 (Belden 1694A)
Video outputs
StandardsAs input
FormatAs input
Connectors75 Ohm BNCs
Jitter<0.2ui peak-to-peak
Return loss>15dB to 1.485GHz
 >10dB 1.5 to 2.97GHz
StandardsSMPTE 299M & 272M-C
Audio specification
Audio outputs
OutputsBalanced analogue audio
Number2 stereo pairs
ConnectorFemale 15pin sub-D
Output levelAdjustable 0dBFS = +12 to +24dBu
Quantisation24 bit
Maximum level+24dBu into 10kOhm
Electrical Specification
ConnectorLocking 2.5mm jack (centre +ve)
Control specifications
Setup6 way dip switch
Other Specifications
LEDsPower, input presence & group status
Size (mm)63.5 x 84 x 30 plus connectors
Temperature5°C to 40°C
Humidity80% max (non condensing)
Description      Each:
Price Qty
DTL 4262AMiniBlox 3G-HD-SD dual stereo analogue audio de-embedder£590.00
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