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Small Body Video Monitor Shelves

Small Body Video Monitor Shelves

These Monitor Shelves have been introduced to house small body video monitors (which are not in themselves rack mountable), at a considerable cost saving on proprietory manufactured items.

Each shelf has been designed to incorporate the requisite venting and fixing holes to hold the monitors securely.

Other versions of these shelves can be manufactured as required, given the necessary information on vent hole and foot position. Please contact our metalwork department to discuss your requirements.

Technical Specifications
Part No.HeightWidthQtyMonitorType
DMS 1015DA5U482mm2PanasonicBT-S1015DA
DMS9045QM5U482mm2SonyPVM-6041QM, PVM-9042QM, PVM-9045QM
DMS BM5004U482mm3PanasonicWV-BM500
DMS TM10105U482mm2JVCTM-1010PN, TM-1050PND, TM-A10E, TM-A101G
SMS TM10105U266mm1JVCTM-1010PN, TM-1050PND, TM-A10E, TM-A101G
Description      Each:
1 5 10Qty
DMS 1015DADual monitor shelf Panasonic 1015DA£50.02£46.28£42.86
DMS 9045QMDual monitor shelf Sony 9045QM£50.02£46.28£42.86
DMS BM5003 way monitor shelf Panasonic BM500£50.02£46.28£42.86
DMS TM1010Dual monitor shelf JVC TM1010 & TM-A101G£50.02£46.28£42.86
SMS TM1010Single monitor shelf JVC TM1010 & TM-A101G£32.35£30.43£28.09
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