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AES/EBU Digital Multipair Cables

AES/EBU Digital Multipair Cables

This range of LS0H cable has been developed to provide a close tolerance, 110 Ohm impedance multipair cable suitable for AES/EBU digital audio signals. The cable features solid conductors and a solid drain wire sandwiched between two overall foil tape screens which are lapped in opposite directions. This cable is ideal for use with IDC connectors such as BT 226 and Krone as well as more traditional methods of termination.

Sold as 100M and 500M drums only.

Technical Specifications
Conductor size1/0.4mm bare copper
InsulationHigh density polyethylene
Lay upTwisted pairs twisted together wrapped
in overall polyester tape
Screen 1Aluminium-polyester foil, foil out
Drain wire1/0.5mm tinned copper
Screen 2Aluminium-polyester foil, foil in
Overall jacketGreen LS0H
Impedance110 Ohm ± 10 Ohm
Resistance148 Ohms per Km
Overall diameterDMP 05A/C5.50mm
 DMP 10A/C7.40mm
 DMP 16A/C8.40mm
 DMP 25A/C10.60mm
Weight per 100 metresDMP 05A/C4.1 Kg
 DMP 10A/C6.5 Kg
 DMP 16A/C9.1 Kg
 DMP 25A/C13.4 Kg
Maximum reel length500 metres

Cut lengths supplied in multiples of 100 metres.

Description      Metre:
100 500 1000 5000Qty
DMP 05A5 pair digital audio 100M£0.63£0.60£0.58£0.56
DMP 05C5 pair digital audio 500M£0.63£0.60£0.58£0.56
DMP 10A10 pair digital audio 100M£1.07£1.02£0.98£0.95
DMP 10C10 pair digital audio 500M£1.07£1.02£0.98£0.95
DMP 16A16 pair digital audio 100M£1.52£1.46£1.41£1.35
DMP 16C16 pair digital audio 500M£1.52£1.46£1.41£1.35
DMP 25A25 pair digital audio 100M£2.30£2.20£2.12£2.04
DMP 25C25 pair digital audio 500M£2.30£2.20£2.12£2.04
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