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IEC Lock Power Leads

IEC Lock Power Leads

This new IEC-lock power lead is a simple way of securing power to any electrical appliance that has a male IEC type mains inlet plug.

As with most good designs, the IEC-lock's patented locking mechanism is beautifully simple. The lead is simply connected to the appliance; no modification of the mating male connector is required.

Once the lead has been fitted, the connector mechanism locks it to the appliance, ensuring that the lead cannot become accidentally disconnected.

Features and Benefits

  • Protection of computer equipment and servers from accidental disconnection helping to protect valuable data
  • Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration
  • Suitable for various medical applications that require a secure power source
  • Unique ‘Patented’ Female C13 connector ‘IEC-Lock’
  • Suitable for use with any standard male C13 IEC inlet • Loose coiled to avoid permanent kinks and ensure tidy installation

Description      Each:
1 10 25Qty
CSA 0020LIEC Locking Female to bare end 2m Black£3.63£3.49£3.35
CSA 0030LIEC Locking Female to bare end 3m Black£4.52£4.34£4.17
CSA 1020LIEC Locking Female to bare end 2m Orange£3.63£3.49£3.35
CSA 1030LIEC Locking Female to bare end 3m Orange£4.52£4.34£4.17
CSA 2020LIEC Locking Female to bare end 2m Blue£3.63£3.49£3.35
CSA 2030LIEC Locking Female to bare end 3m Blue£4.52£4.34£4.17
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