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Dual Input 14 Output Changeover Mains Distribution Units

Made in UK by Bryant Unlimited

CMU 214PThese dual input, 14 outlet Changeover Mains Distribution Units replace the CMU 110B/D and CMS 110B/D 10 outlet versions. Designed for installations that have two coherent mains supplies, it allows seamless switching between the two supplies, keeping mission critical equipment alive during loss of one supply. Particularly useful in installations where some pieces of equipment do not have their own inbuilt redundant power supplies.

The custom micro-controller monitors the two incoming inputs and if either input fails, an alarm will sound to alert the engineer. Assuming it is the preferred supply that has failed, the unit will switch to the other supply within approximately 20mS. When the preferred supply reappears, the unit waits for 10 seconds to check that it is stable and then initiates the change back process. This process monitors the relative phase of the two supplies and only allows switch back once the two supplies are in phase. Each input has its own bi-colour LED to display its status. For installations where there isn't a preferred supply, the unit can be configured with neither supply being the preferred supply, when the active supply will remain selected until it disappears or is manually changed over.

Each outlet is individually fused and has a bi-colour LED indicator to display its status. As this unit is based on our sequential mains unit, when it is first powered, the outlets will turn on sequentially. As the relays switch each outlet on, it's associated LED will turn Green. If for any reason the fuse blows, or the relay fails to switch, then the LED will turn Red to indicate a fault condition.

All IEC outlet connectors are 10 Amp rated, cables being secured to the integral tie-bar. The inputs are 20 Amp Neutrik powerCON and mating connectors are supplied.

The remote start function of the SMR 110B has been made available in the CMU 214P MDU by linking two pins on the rear panel mounted D connector.

The CMS 214P has a serial connection on the rear panel allowing remote control and monitoring from third party building management systems, plus comprehensive programming of the internal sequences.

These units are fitted with a 'Power On' neon indicator.

Please Note: These units are designed for EU mains or similar, 230VAC +/-10% with neutral and earth nominally at the same potential. They are not for use on lower mains voltages, for example 100-120VAC, although custom builds are possible for larger orders. The units should never be used on rare 'balanced' mains where live and neutral are centred on earth, L/N measuring similar voltages to earth. Balanced mains requires fusing in both live and neutral distribution.

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CMU 214PDual input 14 outlet auto-changeover mains distribution unit£534.07£492.99
CMS 214PDual input 14 outlet auto-changeover mains distribution unit with serial control/programming£617.41£569.91
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