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CAT 5e UTP, FTP and CAT6 Installation Cable

CAT 5e UTP, FTP and CAT6 Installation Cable

Digital technology is accelerating the convergence of broadcast and computer systems, such that 100 Ohm UTP and FTP cables are being adopted not only for data, but also for control, audio and video transmissions.

'Enhanced Category 5' or 'Cat 5e' is specified to 100 MHz (but quite often tested to 350 MHz), reflecting tougher Near End CrossTalk (NEXT), Far End CrossTalk (FEXT)and Return Loss requirements and the introduction of Power-Sum NEXT (PS NEXT) measurement to support Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T. (1000Base-Temploys bi-directional, 4 pair transmission, utilising Digital Signal Processing electronics to cancel signal echo and NEXT. Return Loss determines the extent of the signal echo in each channel. FEXT is increasingly significant due to NEXT cancellation and a Power-Sum limit must be imposed to combat noise coupled from 3 pairs into every other pair).

We also stock basic lines to TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 and ISO/IEC11801 requirements with performance specifications to 600 MHz.

Technical Specifications
Overall diameter5.0mm6.1mm5.95mm
Jacket materialLS0HLS0HLS0H
Impedance @0.064 MHz125 ± 25 Ohm125 ± 25 Ohm 
 1 to 100 MHz100 ± 15 Ohm100 ± 15 Ohm 
 1 to 250 MHz 100 ± 15 Ohm
Attenuation @1.00 MHz2.1 dB/100m2.1 dB/100m2.1 dB/100m
 4.00 MHz4.3 dB/100m4.3 dB/100m3.8 dB/100m
 10.00 MHz6.6 dB/100m6.6 dB/100m6.0 dB/100m
 16.00 MHz8.2 dB/100m8.2 dB/100m7.6 dB/100m
 20.00 MHz9.2 dB/100m9.2 dB/100m8.5 dB/100m
 31.25 MHz11.8 dB/100m11.8 dB/100m10.8 dB/100m
 62.50 MHz17.1 dB/100m17.1 dB/100m15.5 dB/100m
 100.00 MHz22.0 dB/100m22.0 dB/100m19.9 dB/100m
 155.00 MHz 25.3 dB/100m
 200.00 MHz 29.2 dB/100m
 250.00 MHz 33.0 dB/100m
Weight10.0 Kg per box13.2 Kg per box12.0 Kg per box
Standard unreel size305 metres
Description      Box:
1 5 10Qty
CAT5E FTPCAT 5e FTP installation cable 305M box LS0H Grey£117.31£107.54£99.26
CAT5E UTPCAT 5e UTP installation cable 305M box LS0H Grey£83.95£76.96£71.03
CAT6 UTPCAT6 UTP installation cable 305M box LS0H White£158.47£145.89£135.17
CAT6 UTPBCAT6 UTP installation cable 305M box LS0H Blue£158.47£145.89£135.17
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