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B&W Outdoor Case Accessories

BW SI3000 sponge insert BW 3000B fitted with foam insert BW RPD3000 padded divider BW 3000B fitted with padded divider system BW CS3000 shoulder strap BW CS3000 shoulder strap fitted to BW 4000Y case BW LP4000 lid pocket BW LP4000 lid pocket fitted to BW 4000Y case BW MB3000 mesh bag BW MB6000 mesh bag fitted to BW 6000Y case The following accessories are available for the B&W International's outdoor cases.

For more information and dimensions, please download the B&W International Outdoor Cases brochure.

SI - Sponge Insert

Removable cubed pre-cut foam insert allow for precision customisation, robust egg-crate foam in the lid for full shock resistant protection. Available for all cases.

RPD - Padded Dividers

Fully configurable padded partition insert made of washable, heavy duty nylon fabric with hook and loop attachments, robust egg-crate foam in the lid. Available for type 1000 and larger.

CS - Shoulder Strap

Sturdy, weather resistant, comfortable shoulder strap. Available for type 500 to 6500 excluding 5500.

LP - Lid Pocket

Lid pocket to hold documents, operation manuals etc, detachable with hook & loop strips. Available for type 1000 to 6000.

MB - Mesh Bag

Lid pocket made from mesh material to hold smaller items and accessories, simple mounting in the lid using hook & loop strips. Available for type 1000 to 6700 excluding 6500.

PF - Panel Frame

The panel frame mounting system offers an easy solution for the installation of custom panels. Available for type 1000 to 6000.

BPS - Backpack System

The backpack system shown in the brochure is subject to redesign and will available early 2016.

HI - Quick Release Hinge Kit

Switchable hinge inserts for use when lid removal is a regular requirement. Available for type 3000 and larger.

Description      Each:
Price Qty
BW SI500B&W diced foam insert for 500 case£4.35
BW SI1000B&W diced foam insert for 1000 case£7.83
BW SI2000B&W diced foam insert for 2000 case£11.30
BW SI3000B&W diced foam insert for 3000 case£20.00
BW SI4000B&W diced foam insert for 4000 case£24.35
BW SI5000B&W diced foam insert for 5000 case£29.57
BW SI5500B&W diced foam insert for 5500 case£53.92
BW SI6000B&W diced foam insert for 6000 case£44.35
BW SI6500B&W diced foam insert for 6500 case£61.73
BW SI6700B&W diced foam insert for 6700 case£55.65
BW SI6800B&W diced foam insert for 6800 case£61.73
BW RPD1000B&W padded divider for 1000 case£10.87
BW RPD2000B&W padded divider for 2000 case£15.22
BW RPD3000B&W padded divider for 3000 case£21.73
BW RPD4000B&W padded divider for 4000 case£26.95
BW RPD5000B&W padded divider for 5000 case£31.30
BW RPD5500B&W padded divider for 5500 case£60.00
BW RPD6000B&W padded divider for 6000 case£46.95
BW RPD6500B&W padded divider for 6500 case£74.78
BW RPD6700B&W padded divider for 6700 case£68.70
BW RPD6800B&W padded divider for 6800 case£95.65
BW CS500B&W shoulder strap for 500 & 1000 cases£4.35
BW CS2000B&W shoulder strap for 2000 case£4.35
BW CS3000B&W shoulder strap for 3000, 4000, 5000, 5500, 6000 & 6500 cases£7.83
BW LP1000B&W lid pocket for 1000 & 2000 cases£6.95
BW LP3000B&W lid pocket for 3000 case£8.70
BW LP4000B&W lid pocket for 4000 case£10.43
BW LP5000B&W lid pocket for 5000 & 5500 cases£12.17
BW LP6000B&W lid pocket for 6000 case£13.92
BW MB1000B&W mesh bag for 1000 & 2000 cases£6.08
BW MB3000B&W mesh bag for 3000 case£7.83
BW MB4000B&W mesh bag for 4000 case£10.43
BW MB5000B&W mesh bag for 5000 & 5500 cases£12.17
BW MB6000B&W mesh bag for 6000 case£13.05
BW MB6500B&W mesh bag for 6500 case£0.00
BW MB6700B&W mesh bag for 6700 case£15.65
BW PF1000B&W panel frame for 1000 & 2000 cases£9.13
BW PF3000B&W panel frame for 3000 case£10.87
BW PF4000B&W panel frame for 4000 case£11.73
BW PF5000B&W panel frame for 5000 & 5500 cases£12.62
BW PF6000B&W panel frame for 6000 case£13.05
BW BPS5000B&W backpack for 5000 5500 6000 cases£66.95
BW HI3000B&W quick release hinge kit for 3000 case and above£2.62
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