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'Tinned & Dimpled' Shells, Solder Bucket - D Connectors

'Tinned & Dimpled' Shells, Solder Bucket - D ConnectorsThis range of connector is suitable for applications where the use of EMI/RFI covers are imperative. The specification is similar to the industrial grade connectors, but the plugs feature a dimpled shell to ensure a good shield contact. Both plug and socket shells are tin plated.
Description      Each:
1 10 50Qty
BT 09P9 way 'D' type plug tinned & dimpled£0.76£0.69£0.63
BT 09S9 way 'D' type socket tinned & dimpled£0.91£0.82£0.76
BT 15P15 way 'D' type plug tinned & dimpled£0.96£0.87£0.80
BT 15S15 way 'D' type socket tinned & dimpled£1.30£1.18£1.08
BT 25P25 way 'D' type plug tinned & dimpled£1.40£1.27£1.17
BT 25S25 way 'D' type socket tinned & dimpled£1.94£1.76£1.62
BT 37P37 way 'D' type plug tinned & dimpled£2.12£1.93£1.77
BT 37S37 way 'D' type socket tinned & dimpled£3.08£2.80£2.57
BT 50P50 way 'D' type plug tinned & dimpled£3.08£2.80£2.57
BT 50S50 way 'D' type socket tinned & dimpled£4.18£3.80£3.48
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