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Coloured Strain Relief Boots for Neutrik Rear Twist BNCs

Coloured Strain Relief Boots for Neutrik Rear Twist BNCsThese replacement coloured strain relief boots for Neutrik Rear Twist BNC crimp plugs are available in the standard resistor colour code.
Description      Each:
1 10 50 100Qty
BST-BNC-0Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Black£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-1Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Brown£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-2Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Red£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-3Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Orange£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-4Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Yellow£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-5Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Green£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-6Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Blue£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-7Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Violet£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-8Neutrik rear twist BNC boot Grey£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
BST-BNC-9Neutrik rear twist BNC boot White£0.32£0.27£0.25£0.23
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