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AES/EBU Bantam Audio Patchcords

AES/EBU Bantam Audio PatchcordsThese Bantam AES/EBU patch cords have been introduced to enable cable integrity to be maintained throughout a digital audio installation. The cords are manufactured using Switchcraft Bantam jack plugs and our 8001 AES cable, which allows the patch cords a high degree of flexibility. The cords are offered with either Black or Red plugs for identification.
Description      Each:
1 10 50Qty
BES 0300BAES Bantam patch cord 300mm black plugs£26.20£24.01£22.17
BES 0300RAES Bantam patch cord 300mm red plugs£26.20£24.01£22.17
BES 0600BAES Bantam patch cord 600mm black plugs£26.29£24.10£22.25
BES 0600RAES Bantam patch cord 600mm red plugs£26.29£24.10£22.25
BES 0900BAES Bantam patch cord 900mm black plugs£26.39£24.19£22.33
BES 0900RAES Bantam patch cord 900mm red plugs£26.39£24.19£22.33
BES 1200BAES Bantam patch cord 1200mm black plugs£26.49£24.28£22.41
BES 1200RAES Bantam patch cord 1200mm red plugs£26.49£24.28£22.41
BES 1800BAES Bantam patch cord 1800mm black plugs£26.59£24.37£22.50
BES 1800RAES Bantam patch cord 1800mm red plugs£26.59£24.37£22.50
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