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19 inch Rack Panel Fixings

19 inch Rack Panel FixingsThese fixings are M6 thread size and suit all Bryant Unlimited panels racks and cases. They are supplied in packets of ten.
Tehnical Specifications
BDPF 01   M6 Pan Pozi head screw, bright zinc, thread length 12mm
BDPF 02   M6 Black nylon flat washer
BDPF 03   M6 Cage nut for up to 16 SWG rack strip
BDPF 04   M6 Pan Pozi head screw, bright zinc, thread length 20mm
BDPF 05   M6 Star washer
BDPF 07   M6 Pan Pozi head screw, bright zinc, thread length 16mm
BDPF 08   M6 Pan Pozi head screw, Black, thread length 20mm
BDPF 09   M6 Black nylon cup washer
BDPF 11   M6 Cage nut for up to 14 SWG rack strip
Description      Pkt:
1 5 10Qty
BDPF 01M6 x 12mm rack screws bright zinc (pkt 10)£0.54£0.51£0.48
BDPF 02M6 black nylon flat washer (pkt 10)£0.43£0.41£0.39
BDPF 02NM6 natural nylon flat washer (pkt 10)£0.62£0.57£0.52
BDPF 03M6 x 16swg cage nuts (pkt 10)£0.97£0.94£0.91
BDPF 04M6 x 20mm rack screws bright zinc (pkt 10)£0.60£0.58£0.56
BDPF 05M6 star washer (pkt 10)£0.35£0.33£0.31
BDPF 07M6 x 16mm rack screws bright zinc (pkt 10)£0.59£0.57£0.54
BDPF 08M6 x 20mm rack screws black (pkt 10)£0.69£0.67£0.65
BDPF 09M6 black nylon cup washers (pkt 10)£0.79£0.72£0.66
BDPF 11M6 x 14swg cage nuts (pkt 10)£0.97£0.94£0.91
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