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Script Lights (Dimmable)

Script Lights (Dimmable)

These dimmable script lights have an adjustable shutter system to allow a narrow curtain of light to be directed at the work surface. The units are provided with an integral dimmable electronic ballast and have Cool Daylight 6500°K tubes.

The light level can be controlled by either digital signal (DSI) or SwitchDIM.

The integrated switchDIM function allows the direct connection of a 'push to make' switch for dimming and switching (one switch can controll up to 25 script lights). A brief push (<0.6s) switches the ballast ON and OFF. The script lights switch on at the light level at which they were last switched off (except in case of reset after mains failure when they will start at 100%). When the push to make switch is held (>0.6s), the script lights are dimmed. The next time the switch is held, the script light will get brighter. In installations where the script lights have got out of sync with each other (different dimming levels or opposite dimming direction), they can be synchronized to 50% dimming level by holding the push to make switch for 10 seconds.

The script lights are available in two sizes to accommodate 600mm and 1200mm tubes. They are finished in Black eggshell stove enamel paint. Spare tubes are also available.

Fixing of units is via two keyway slots which accommodate M6 screws. For a mounting kit and chain, see the Script Lights (standard) page.

All units are for 220/240 Volt 50Hz operation.

Overall Dimensions
Part No. Length Height Depth Weight Fixing centres
BD SLD0600 696.00mm 91.00mm 88.10mm 3.0 Kg 494mm
BD SLD1200 1296.00mm 91.00mm 88.10mm 4.5 Kg 1090mm
Description      Each:
1 5Qty
BD SLD0600Script light 600mm 18W dimmable£275.22£246.55
BD SLD1200Script light 1200mm 36W dimmable£294.63£263.94
BD SLDPUSHSingle gang mains push switch for dimmable script lights£5.63-  
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