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Bryant Precision SDI Video Cables (Large)

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Bryant Precision SDI Video Cables (Large)In addition to our standard serial digital video cable, we now offer a larger, 'Low Loss' cable, similar to Belden 1694A and Argosy Image 1000 (Draka), with attenuation characteristics better suited to longer cable runs.
Technical Specification
Conductor 1.02mm bare copper wire
Dielectric Gas-injected foam high density polyethylene
Inner screen Aluminium/polyester tape
Outer screen TCW 95% coverage
Impedance 75 Ohm
Capacitance nominal 54.0 pF per metre
Dielectric constant: 1.45 nom
Velocity of propagation: 84%
Inner conductor 23.5 Ohms/Km
Outer conductor (screen) 7.6 Ohms/Km
Jacket material ‘LOW SMOKE’ halogen free copolymer
Overall diameter 7.00mm
Max reel length 500 metres
Weight 6.5Kg per 100m
Attenuation @ 1.0 MHz 0.90 dB/100m
  10.0 MHz 2.50 dB/100m
  100.0 MHz 6.20 dB/100m
  200.0 MHz 8.50 dB/100m
  400.0 MHz 12.80 dB/100m
  700.0 MHz 16.30 dB/100m
  1000.0 MHz 19.50 dB/100m
  1500.0 MHz 24.30 dB/100m
  2000.0 MHz 28.50 dB/100m
  3000.0 MHz 35.80 dB/100m

Cut lengths supplied in multiples of 100 metres.

Description      Metre:
100 1000 5000Qty
BD SD1075 ohm HDTV coax cable black LS0H£0.92£0.84£0.78
BD SD1175 ohm HDTV coax cable grey LS0H£0.92£0.84£0.78
BD SD1275 ohm HDTV coax cable green LS0H£0.92£0.84£0.78
BD SD1375 ohm HDTV coax cable violet LS0H£0.92£0.84£0.78
BD SD1575 ohm HDTV coax cable turquoise LS0H£0.92£0.84£0.78
BD SD1975 ohm HDTV coax cable cream LS0H£0.92£0.84£0.78
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