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VGA Floor Box Adaptors

VGA Floor Box Adaptors

Terminating installed video cables to the standard 15 pin high Density 'D' connector used in many AV Systems has long been problematic, even with 3mm diameter cable and virtually impossible withMVC 333 or similar cable.

This problem has now been solved with this Floor Box Adaptors. These adaptors convert the `D' connector into 5 electrically independent 75 ohm BNC sockets spaced to allow fitting of conventional crimp BNC plugs without the need of additional specialist tooling. The maintaining of independent grounds for the three video channels and the syncs ensures that the adaptor does not degrade the signal.

The floor box adaptor is fitted to the panel with extended jack screws provided with the kit. Measuring only 68mm wide x 40mm deep the adapter will fit most conventional floor boxes and also a standard single gang wall panel as long as a 41mm deep (surface) or 46mm deep (flush) box is fitted. The rear of the adapter is fitted with none conductive foam to protect the terminations as well as allowing adapters to be fitted 'back-to-back' for high density applications.

A removable link on the PCB is used to provide a tally required by some laptop computers to indicate the connection of an external monitor simplifying automatic handshaking upon connection.

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BD FBA15 pin HDD male to 5 BNC adaptor£26.80£25.88
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