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Earth Cable

Earth CableWe now offer flexible Green/Yellow earth wire in five sizes suitable for all aspects of studio earthing. The cable is manufactured to the following standards: BS 6231 (UK), CSATEW (Canada) and UL style 1015, 1028 or 1283 according to size.
Technical Specifications
Voltage rating600V dc
ConductorBare Copper
JacketGreen &Yellow PVC
Reel length100 metres
Cross sectional area4mm²6mm²10mm²16mm²25mm²
Conductor stranding48/0.3172/0.3172/0.41112/0.41175/0.41
Current rating41 Amp53 Amp75 Amp100 Amp136 Amp
Overall diameter4.10mm4.70mm6.70mm8.40mm10.30mm
Wall thickness0.79mm0.79mm1.24mm1.58mm1.58mm
Reel weight4.6 Kg6.5 Kg11.4 Kg18.3 Kg25.6 Kg
Current rating is based on conductor operating temperature of 85°C and an ambient air temperature of 45°C and assumes the cable is isolated in free air.
Description      Reel:
1 10Qty
BD EW0044mm green/yellow earth wire - 100M£64.16£59.44
BD EW0066mm green/yellow earth wire - 100M£102.11£94.60
BD EW01010mm green/yellow earth wire - 100M£164.98£152.85
BD EW01616mm green/yellow earth wire - 100M£273.92£253.78
BD EW02525mm green/yellow earth wire - 100M£401.37£371.85
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