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Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

We offer two types of heat shrink sleeving, either Clear or Black with adhesive lining. Clear heat shrink tubing is ideal for marking cables in conjunction with various forms of adhesive cable markers. The Black adhesive lined tubing is used for termination of cable jacket ends, which will prevent jacket creepage and is also ideal for the termination of expandable sleeving ends on cable looms.

The sleeving is manufactured to UL 224 requirements. Shrink temperature is approx 115°C for Clear and 110°C for the Black adhesive type. All heat shrink tubing is supplied in 1.2m lengths. It should be noted that this tubing should be stored in the coolest possible environment.

Technical Specifications
Part No.Max i/dia
before Shrinking
I/dia after
Shrink RatioLength
BD EP00626.0mm2.0mm3:11.2 metres
BD EP00939.0mm3.0mm3:11.2 metres
BD EP012412.0mm4.0mm3:11.2 metres
BD EP019619.0mm6.0mm3:11.2 metres
BD EP024824.0mm8.0mm3:11.2 metres
BD EP401340.0mm13.0mm3:11.2 metres
BD SFM0323.2mm1.6mm2:11.2 metres
BD SFM0484.8mm2.4mm2:11.2 metres
BD SFM0646.4mm3.2mm2:11.2 metres
BD SFM12712.7mm6.4mm2:11.2 metres
BD SFM19019.0mm9.5mm2:11.2 metres
BD SFM25425.4mm12.7mm2:11.2 metres
BD SFM50850.8mm25.4mm2:11.2 metres
Description      Each:
1 10Qty
BD EP00621.2M x 6.0mm black heat shrink£4.04£3.78
BD EP00931.2M x 9.0mm black heat shrink£5.72£5.27
BD EP01241.2M x 12.0mm black heat shrink£5.94£5.47
BD EP01961.2M x 19.0mm black heat shrink£8.14£7.49
BD EP02481.2M x 24.0mm black heat shrink£7.76£7.16
BD EP40131.2M x 40.0mm black heat shrink£14.15£13.05
BD SFM0321.2M x 3.2mm clear heat shrink£1.79£1.48
BD SFM0481.2M x 4.8mm clear heat shrink£2.06£1.73
BD SFM0641.2M x 6.4mm clear heat shrink£2.60£2.18
BD SFM1271.2M x 12.7mm clear heat shrink£3.18£2.65
BD SFM1901.2M x 19.1mm clear heat shrink£4.52£3.76
BD SFM2541.2M x 25.4mm clear heat shrink£6.38£5.32
BD SFM5081.2M x 50.8mm clear heat shrink£18.37£15.31
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